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Monroe Boys Youth Basketball Announcements
Tuesday, October 11, 2016 12:30:45 PM - Monroe Ohio


Monroe Boys Basketball Club 2016-2017
Pre-Season Skills Workouts Grades 3-6

Monday, October 10, 3rd & 6th Grades 7:00-8:30.
Wednesday, October 12, 4th & 5th Grades 7:00-8:30.
Monday, October 17, 3rd Grade 5:30-7:00 & 6th Grade 7:00-8:30.
Wednesday, October 19, 4th Grade 5:30-7:00 & 5th Grade 7:00-8:30.  
Jr High Competition Gym.
Varsity Coach, Kenny Molz and other School and Youth Coaches will conduct skills workouts and if time available the boys will divide up by age and play games.
Boys ONLY!  Grades 3-6
Players must live in Monroe and/or attend Monroe Local Schools.  
There is no cost for this.

Upcoming Tryouts:
Part 1
o Skills Assessment Day, October 22 from 10am – 2:00pm (come at your convenience)
o Player will run through an assortment of drills and receive a skill level score
Part 2
o Tryouts, October 24-27 in the evenings
o Each grade level will have separate tryouts (exact schedule to be determined), where players will be evaluated largely during actual game conditions.
Evaluators – both parts of the tryout process will be rated by the same group of evaluators to ensure the most accurate evaluation of each player.
Club Direction for Teams per Grade:
Each grade will have a Gold team that will participate in the Dayton Metro League.
Some grades may have two teams. The 2nd Team, or Blue team, may play in the Dayton Metro, or may play in a Saturday League at the Kingdom Sports Center in Franklin.
If we have a third team in a grade, they will likely play in a Sunday afternoon recreational league at the Kingdom Sports Center in Franklin.
o All players must attend Monroe Elementary or live in Monroe if they attend school elsewhere. This is a requirement of the Dayton Metro League, and a policy our Program supports/adheres to as well.
All players must play within their current grade.
There will be a K-3 Program organized by Matt Waits. Matt is the Varsity Assistant Coach and teaches P.E. at the Primary Building. He will send out information on the K-3 Program. Ed Beck and his son Troy will run this league each week at the Primary School. Games will not start until January.
Monroe Boys Basketball Club:
President for MBBC – Ed Beck
Director for MBBC – Mark Osterman
Director for Boys Dayton Metro – Kevin Taylor
If you have questions, please contact Mark, Ed, or Kevin.


Monroe Boys Basketball Club 2016-2017
Grades 3rd through 6th Basketball


Games played on Saturdays, and Sundays.
Practices will be held at least twice a week in the evening.  
Teams will travel and play in the Dayton Metro Area. Some teams will play all of their games at the Kingdom Sports Center in Franklin.
Skills Day: Each player will go through a series of drills and will receive a score based on their skill level. Players can come whenever they would like on Saturday, October 22. See below.
Weekday tryouts will consist of dividing the players into teams and playing full court games. Players will be evaluated on their basketball skills in a real game setting.
Players must live in Monroe and/or attend Monroe Local Schools. Players must play at their current grade level.
The # of teams per grade this year, will depend on the number of players available and skill level.


After Tryouts:
A registration night will be held at the school for all players to fill out paperwork, order uniforms and pay fees.  Please bring a copy of the player’s birth certificate.  A coach will contact you with the date and time.

$75 if wearing last year’s uniform or $110 with new uniform fee to play (Make checks payable to Monroe Youth Basketball) This fee helps cover the cost of referees, uniforms, the fees to play in the Dayton Metro League and gym rental fees.

All parents are expected to volunteer to cover the admissions/concessions table for at least one home game during the season. All players, coaches, parents and families will be expected to represent Monroe in a dignified fashion while at home or away games.

If you are interested in coaching or assisting please contact Mark Osterman (266-3008) , Ed Beck (295-5079), Kevin Taylor (252-7851)

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