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Monroe Police Briefs 10/29 - 11/5
Tuesday, November 05, 2013 12:11:51 PM - Monroe Ohio

10/29/2013 - 11/5/2013

00:18 Public Assist/Welfare Check/Information 131029002
Officer initiated activity at Speedway, Roden Park Dr, Monroe. Disposition: Assisted.

01:10 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131029005
Officer initiated activity at Dads Family Restaurant, S Main St, Middletown.MALE ON A BIKE. Disposition:
Checks Ok.

01:41 Assist Other Agency 131029009
Officer initiated activity at Ham Leb Rd/I 75, Monroe.SB 75. Disposition: Assist Outside Agency.

02:02 Assist Other Agency 131029010
Occurred on Merlyn Dr on Middletown. . K9 ASSIST. Disposition: Assist Outside Agency.

06:31 Alarm Drop - Business 131029015
Occurred at La Tan on Heritage Green Dr. . Front motion/ no answer at business. Disposition: Disregarded.

06:57 911 hang up call 131029016
Occurred on Village Ct. . Nothing heard. Disposition: Assisted.

08:50 Traffic Complaint/Control/Road Blocked,etc tc 131029023
Officer initiated activity at Monroe Primary School, Macready Ave, Monroe. Disposition: Report Taken.

11:14 Public Assist/Welfare Check/Information 131029028
Occurred on Willowbrook Dr. Lockout of green ford ranger. Disposition: Assisted.

12:44 Alarm Drop - Residential 131029034
Occurred on Willowbrook Dr. . Hallway motion. Disposition: False Alarm-Unknown Reason Activated.

14:03 Public Assist/Welfare Check/Information 131029040
Occurred on Overbrook Ct. Check residence for open garage door. Disposition: Checks Ok.

16:19 Alarm Drop - Residential 131029046
Occurred on Furlong Ln. . Front door motion. Disposition: False Alarm-Employee-Owner Activated.

18:47 Fire Call 131029059
Occurred at Kroger on Heritage Green Dr. . Caller reporting smoke in the area behind Krogers, caller unsure
where it is coming from but is in the direction of Krogers. Disposition: Unfounded.

18:48 Civil Problem 131029060
Occurred on Northbrook Ln. Verbal domestic dispute in progress , caller stating boyfriend is refusing to leave.
Disposition: Civil Problem.

19:35 Disabled Vehicle 131029062
Occurred on Union Rd. Semi truck stuck and attempting to turn around. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

20:56 Domestic 131029063
Occurred on S Main St. Domestic disturbance in progress, female caller advised her boyfriend has drank some
type of chemical solution. Disposition: Assisted.

01:24 Alarm Drop - Business 131030002
Occurred at Cornerstone on Gateway Blvd. .main office motion. Disposition: Assisted.

02:00 Solicitor or Peddler Complaint 131030004
Occurred at Speedway on New Garver Rd. . Pump 8/ female in a blk vehicle asking for money. Disposition:

02:28 Public Assist/Welfare Check/Information 131030005
Occurred at Iga Express on East Ave. . Vehicle with a flat tire/ grn dodge neon- caller has help enroute but is
afraid to be alone in the parking lot. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

09:16 Neighbor Complaint-Dispute 131030014
Occurred on Mainring Ave. On station to file a report about neighbor harassing her. Disposition: Report

10:38 Disabled Vehicle 131030020
Officer initiated activity at Ham Leb Rd/Crossings Blvd, Monroe. Disposition: Checks Ok.

11:07 Disturbance 131030021
Occurred at Carson Rd/S Main St. Neighbor heard some yelling and poss fighting and mention of drugs.
Disposition: Report Taken.

11:16 Public Assist/Welfare Check/Information 131030022
Officer initiated activity at Ham Leb Rd/Yankee Rd, Middletown.Needs directions. Disposition: Assisted.

11:51 Accident-Non-Injury 131030023
Occurred at Greentree Rd/Union Rd. Acc unk injuries. Disposition: Disregarded.

12:44 Accident-With Injuries 131030028
Occurred at Ham Leb Rd/Crossings Blvd. Auto crash, semi overturned and semi trailer, no injuries, 26 tons
grain in the roadway. Disposition: Report Taken.

13:28 Found/Recovered Property 131030029
Occurred at Mason Ave/Bernard Dr. Tablet and case. Disposition: Report Taken.

15:21 Disabled Vehicle 131030031
Occurred at Todhunter Rd/Ham Midd Rd. Stuck semi truck in the curves on Todhunter Rd just east of Rt 4.
Disposition: Unfounded.

15:29 Harassment 131030032
Occurred on Heritage Trail Dr. . Harassment by ex boyfriend. Disposition: Report Taken.

15:32 Disabled Vehicle 131030033
Officer initiated activity at Ham Leb Rd/Crossings Blvd, Monroe.Disabled vehicle. Disposition: Assisted.

15:48 Warrant Served 131030034
Occurred at I75/PILOT Truck Stop on Franklin. . Meet MCSO and pick up male on Middletown Bench warrant.
Disposition: Arrest Made.

15:52 Domestic 131030035
Occurred on Overbrook Ct. Possible DV in a parked vehicle, silver Chev Impala , cell caller reporting 2 subjects
inside the car hitting each other with their hands, PD arrived and was unable to locate, units responded to the
listed address on the plate. Disposition: Arrest Made.

16:25 Standby-pickup child, belonging, etc 131030036
Occurred at Cvs Pharmacy on Oxford State Rd. . Standby while she returns property to former boyfriend.
Disposition: Routine/No Report.

16:37 Civil Problem 131030037
Occurred on Old St. Possible civil matter over some remodeling to the house, caller thinks it was scam
situation. Disposition: Report Taken.

17:05 Animal Complaint 131030040
Occurred on Overbrook Ct. Barking dog complaint. Disposition: Unfounded.

17:05 Assist Other Agency 131030041
Officer initiated activity at Roden Park Dr/Ham Midd Rd, Monroe.Assist OSP on traffic stop. Disposition:
Assist Outside Agency.

17:51 Alarm Drop - Business 131030044
Occurred at Abacus Tax Service on S Main St. . Office motion. Disposition: False Alarm-Employee-Owner

17:53 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131030045
Occurred at Wallmasters Inc on Ham Leb Rd. . Susp white van with male subject inside who appears to be
hiding from employees. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

18:40 Accident-Non-Injury 131030047
Occurred at Ham Leb Rd/Britton Ln. 2 car accident, no injury, WB side of 63 at Britton. Disposition: Report

19:04 Accident-With Injuries 131030048
Occurred on S Main St. Report of single vehicle accident into a ditch with possible entrapment across from the
community park on S Main St, 13-1866. Disposition: Report Taken.

19:40 Harassment 131030050
Occurred on Mainring Ave. Neighbor harassment complaint. Disposition: Assisted.

22:23 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131030055
Occurred on Heritage Trail Dr. Across from callers residence males walking around property w/ flash lights and
a moving truck is parked out front. Disposition: Checks Ok.

00:20 Disabled Vehicle 131031001
Occurred at Ham Leb Rd/Crossings Blvd. Male poss disabled by a gry vehicle. Disposition: Routine/No

01:05 Alarm Drop - Business 131031003
Occurred at Nationwide Automotive on Lebanon motion. Disposition: False Alarm-Unknown Reason

02:04 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131031006
Officer initiated activity at Liberty Tax Service, Oxford State Rd, Middletown. Disposition: Checks Ok.

03:25 Open Door/Building/etc 131031009
Officer initiated activity at Winesap Ln, Middletown. Disposition: Checks Ok.

00:39 Alarm Drop - Business 131101003
Occurred at Chipotle Mexican Grill on Senate Dr. . Rear door and dining room motion. Disposition:

00:53 Animal Complaint 131101004
Occurred at Froggy Blues Cafe on American Way. . Cell caller reporting 2 small dogs in a locked vehicle.
Disposition: Routine/No Report.

06:47 Accident-With Injuries 131101012
Occurred at Kroger on Oxford State Rd. . 2 VEHICLE INJURY ACCIDENT. Disposition: Report Taken.

08:29 Misc Complaint 131101016
Occurred at Monroe Fire Dept on N Main St. . Disposition: Report Taken.

08:38 Warrant-Attempt To Serve 131101017
Occurred on Middletown. WARRANT ARREST. Disposition: Arrest Made.

09:01 Protection Order Violation 131101018
Occurred at Hawthorn Glen on Hankins Rd. . Disposition: Report Taken.

09:06 Animal Complaint 131101019
Occurred on Granada Ave. HUSKY RUNNING LOOSE. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

09:17 Alarm Drop - Business 131101021
Occurred at Gold Star Chili on Oxford State Rd. . Dining room motion. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

11:55 Alarm Drop - Business 131101027
Occurred on N Garver Rd. Valley asphalt alarm showing zone 7. Disposition: False Alarm-Unknown Reason

12:11 Animal Complaint 131101028
Occurred on Cranbrook Dr. States that the dog on cranbrook will not stop barking and had been chained up
outside for a week. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

13:00 Civil Problem 131101035
Occurred on Lakeview Dr. Wants to make a report for damage to property. Disposition: Report Taken.

13:33 Accident-Private Property 131101037
Occurred at Premium Outlet Mall on Premium Outlet Dr. . LOT C 17 FOR AN ACCIDENT DODGE CARAVAN
NO INJURIES. Disposition: Report Taken.

14:40 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131101040
Occurred on Diamond Loop. Silver impala (no plate known) - she spoke to male who has been sitting in front
of her house for about 15 minutes - w/m, approx 50 yo, wears glasses - he wouldnt tell her why he was there.
Disposition: Unfounded.

15:05 Warrant Served 131101041
Officer initiated activity at Timrick Pl, Monroe. Disposition: Report Taken.

15:40 Warrant Served 131101043
Occurred at Pilot Truck Stop on Franklin. . Meet Centerville PD at Pilot Truck Stop to transfer male on their
warrant /prior CN #13-2918. Disposition: Arrest Made.

16:08 Found/Recovered Property 131101046
Occurred on Shanda Dr. Razor scooter found after cleaning up after storm - scooter will be located near callers
garage. Disposition: Report Taken.

18:09 Animal Complaint 131101050
Officer initiated activity at Trenton Bridge, Middletown.Attempting to find an injured springer spaniel dog on
bike path - dog is matted and limping with a possible broken leg. Disposition: Report Taken.

18:51 Child Custody Dispute/Information 131101051
Occurred at Monroe Police Dept Parking Lot on S Main St. . Child exchange complaint: Father was supposed
to meet with Mother in the Monroe PD parking lot in order to do an exchange of said child. Mother did not
show up at agreed upon time/place with the said child. Disposition: Log Note Only.

19:08 Warrant Served 131101053
Occurred at Middletown Jail on Middletown. . Pick up/serve summons to male at Middletown PD on a
Middletown court warrant for receiving stolen property with a bond amount of $600 plus 180 days in jail.
Disposition: Arrest Made.

19:23 Theft Call 131101055
Occurred at PD Lobby on Oxford State Rd. . Iphone was either lost/stolen from the parking lot of Kroger today
- it is now missing and she wants to make a report. Disposition: Report Taken.

19:27 Assist Other Agency 131101056
Officer initiated activity at Oxford State Rd, Middletown.Assisting Trenton unit at Excello. Disposition: Assist
Outside Agency.

19:43 Animal Complaint 131101058
Occurred on Old Orchard Ln. (2) dogs barking outside in yard on old orchard lane - neighbor claims the dogs
owners are not home att. Disposition: Unfounded.

20:25 Drunk Driver/Person Complaint 131101062
Occurred at Oxford State Rd/Trenton Bridge. Trenton golf 4 door buick EEN6656 - cross center line - driving
slow - left onto main street towards dollar general store right lafayette -. Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

22:26 Standby-pickup child, belonging, etc 131101074
Occurred at Tim Hortons on Ham Leb Rd. . Stand-by with management as they terminate an
employee/requesting subject be trespassed as well. Disposition: Arrest Made.

22:39 Alarm Drop - Business 131101075
Occurred at Continental Transport on E Garver Rd. . Alarm showing entry/exit front door /ref #29242.
Disposition: False Alarm-Disregarded By Alarm Co.

22:52 Alarm Drop - Business 131101078
Occurred at Continental Transport on E Garver Rd. . Alarm showing emergency exit door. Disposition: False
Alarm-Employee-Owner Activated.

22:56 Domestic 131101079
Occurred on Easton Manor Dr. Subjects in the lobby requesting to speak with an officer /prior disturbance.
Disposition: Arrest Made.

23:11 Disabled Vehicle 131101080
Officer initiated activity at N Garver Rd/New Garver Rd, Monroe.Out with semi in the ditch. Disposition:

23:33 Fire Call 131101082
Occurred on Creekside Ct. Multiple reports of a structure fire in the area/no callers could advise on
address/officers located fully engulfed fire at a house under construction on Creekside Ct/FG7. Disposition:

23:40 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131101083
Occurred on Lakeview Dr. Silver Ford Focus with Ohio tag ESW-8423. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

00:54 Theft Call 131102002
Occurred at Kroger on Oxford State Rd. . Theft of cell phone/caller still standing by at the store. Disposition:
Report Taken.

02:46 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131102004
Officer initiated activity at Ham Leb Rd/Clark Blvd, Middletown.Out with subject walking. Disposition:

02:55 Animal Complaint 131102005
Occurred at N Main St/Rr Tracks. Deer lying in the roadway. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

03:04 911 hang up call 131102006
Occurred at Waffle House on Ham Leb Rd. . 911 hang up from the main business line /on call-back, employee
advised that some subjects had been arguing but all parties have left the area. Disposition: Routine/No

03:24 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131102007
Officer initiated activity at Ohio Ave/Britton Ln, Monroe.Out with subject. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

03:29 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131102009
Officer initiated activity at Monroe Police Dept, S Main St, Monroe.Male on bicycle. Disposition: Routine/No

03:47 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131102010
Occurred at McDonalds on N Garver Rd. . Suspicious vehicle in the west parking lot/white car occupied by a
male and a female. Disposition: Assisted.

05:01 Burglary 131102013
Occurred on Barker Dr. Caller advising that someone is trying to get into the backdoor of her residence/caller
currently locked in her bedroom with her children /caller continued to hear noises outside as officers were
responding/subject then heard a vehicle with a louder exhaust pull away, possibly a truck/caller was not able
to get a visual on the vehicle. Disposition: Unfounded.

08:16 Alarm Drop - Business 131102019
Occurred at Solid Rock Church on Union Rd. . LB family center - southeast door near kitchen. Disposition:
Checks Ok.

08:52 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131102020
Occurred on Diamond Loop. vehicle will be parked on left side of road - red SUV - back window busted out - 1
person in back seat /unknown if injured att. Disposition: Arrest Made.

10:32 Auto/Truck Theft 131102023
Occurred at Treasure Aisles on N Garver Rd. . Meet security at ticket booth parking lot - 1st aisle parking area -
2003 green/silver kia van is poss stolen or a misplaced vehicle. Disposition: Report Taken.

11:57 Domestic 131102024
Occurred on Forrer St. Baby father is refusing to leave - doesnt live there - wants him escorted off property.
Disposition: Routine/No Report.

11:57 Accident-Non-Injury 131102025
Occurred at Kroger on Oxford State Rd. . 2013 silver equinox - located in front of parking lot - her car was hit
while he was in the store - a small blue paint chip dent is visible on her car now/she advises the car parked next
to her is a blue car. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

14:23 Failure To Pay 131102028
Occurred at Parkside Inn on Ham Midd Rd. . Tenant has not paid room charge for 3 days - tenant still in the
room/owner wants him to pay & check out. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

14:26 Disturbance 131102029
Occurred at Kroger on Oxford State Rd. . Located in parking lot - grey rodeo - 2 females verbally arguing with
the caller att - 2nd party claims that caller was blocking her car in and that is the issue of argument.
Disposition: No Action Taken.

15:35 Theft Call 131102030
Occurred at The Childrens Place on Premium Outlet Dr. . Female in custody for shoplifting - valor security is
speaking with her now - want to make a report. Disposition: Arrest Made.

16:33 Theft Call 131102031
Occurred at Cvs Pharmacy on Oxford State Rd. . W/m, dark hair, wearing hat w batman, blue aero hoody & on a
bike - currently in front of store - employee seen him take items, put in hoody & exit store. Disposition: Arrest

17:22 Accident-Non-Injury 131102032
Occurred at Cvs Pharmacy on Oxford State Rd. . 2 veh acc - non injuries - beige chevy suv/blue vehicle.
Disposition: Report Taken.

17:26 Public Assist/Welfare Check/Information 131102033
Officer initiated activity at Traders World, Union Rd, Monroe.Lockout. Disposition: Assisted.

17:55 Alarm Drop - Business 131102034
Occurred on Lebanon St. Alarm showing motion detector in zone 3/no other location specifics available.
Disposition: False Alarm-Unknown Reason Activated.

20:06 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131102036
Officer initiated activity at Monroe Auto Parts Inc, S Main St, Monroe. Disposition: Checks Ok.

20:16 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131102039
Officer initiated activity at Mound Cemetery, S Main St, Monroe.Vehicle parked in front of the cemetery
entrance. Disposition: Checks Ok.

20:22 Assist Other Agency 131102041
Officer initiated activity at Ham Midd Rd/Todhunter Rd, Middletown.Out with OSP unit. Disposition: Assist
Outside Agency.

21:38 Burglary 131102052
Occurred on Serena Way. Someone broke into the caller's sun porch/did not gain access to the
residence/appears to have occurred earlier while caller was gone. Disposition: Unfounded.

21:54 Drunk Driver/Person Complaint 131102053
Occurred at Oxford State Rd/Judy Dr. Check for a silver Saturn with Ohio tag FWJ-2949/vehicle was reported
to Middletown PD by WCSO as a possible intoxicated driver. Disposition: Gone On Arrival.

22:00 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131102054
Officer initiated activity at Amanda Cemetery, Amanda Rd, Middletown. Disposition: Checks Ok.

22:23 Animal Complaint 131102056
Occurred at Hankins Rd/Crossings Blvd. Injured dog observed in the roadway. Disposition: Unfounded.

22:41 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131102058
Officer initiated activity at Family Dollar, N Main St, Monroe.Out with vehicle and two males in the lot.
Disposition: Checks Ok.

23:58 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131102063
Officer initiated activity at Rochester Hills Dr, Hamilton. Disposition: Checks Ok.

00:44 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131103006
Officer initiated activity at Locust St/Oxford State Rd, Middletown.Out with two subjects. Disposition: Checks

00:55 Drunk Driver/Person Complaint 131103009
Occurred at I 75/HAM Leb Rd. Light colored Jeep traveling n/b from the 25mm/subject has almost struck
several vehicles. Disposition: Disregarded.

00:57 Alarm Drop - Residential 131103010
Occurred on East Brooke Dr. Hold up alarm received from residence. Disposition: False Alarm-Disregarded By
Alarm Co.

01:29 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131103011
Officer initiated activity at Cold Water Dr, Monroe. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

01:37 Drunk Driver/Person Complaint 131103012
Occurred at Parkside Inn on Ham Midd Rd. . Subject passed out in a black Volkswagon Jetta parked in front of
Rm 103. Disposition: Unfounded.

01:50 Assist Other Agency 131103015
Occurred on Bobtail Way. Assist WCPD with attempting to locate a DV suspect. Disposition: Assist Outside

01:59 Disturbance 131103016
Occurred at Speedway on Oxford State Rd. . Male and female fighting inside of a gray Buick Century at pump
2/appears to be verbal only at this time. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

01:03 Assault 131103017
Occurred on Meadowlark Dr. Underage drinking party/caller also advising that he was assaulted by 3 males at
the party and he is enroute to the PD from Franklin to file a report. Disposition: Report Taken.

02:44 Assist Other Agency 131103019
Officer initiated activity at Ham Leb Rd/American Way, Monroe.Out with OSP unit. Disposition: Assist
Outside Agency.

02:47 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131103020
Officer initiated activity at Family Dollar, N Main St, Monroe.Out with two vehicles. Disposition: Checks Ok.

05:21 Alarm Drop - Business 131103026
Occurred at La Tan on Heritage Green Dr. . Alarm showing front motion. Disposition: False Alarm-Unknown
Reason Activated.

08:30 Public Assist/Welfare Check/Information 131103035
Occurred at Ham Midd Rd/Lsvl West Chester Rd. Cruiser needed to close traffic so that Sandys can remove
stranded vehicle (grey Eclipse) from wreck. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

10:04 Hunter Complaint 131103038
Occurred at Kohls Distribution Center on Salzman Rd. . Located at end of salzman road - poss hunters on
property: 2 ppl - father/son poss - near a red honda crv - no weapons seen as of yet. Disposition: Routine/No

12:34 Damaged Property Complaint 131103040
Occurred on Keswick Dr. Just noticed that her car window is busted/she says it looks as if it was poss broken
by a baseball bat - she didnt hear any noises. Disposition: Report Taken.

12:48 Animal Complaint 131103041
Occurred on Old Orchard Ln. Dogs on Old Orchard are ouside barking again - ongoing animal issue with
neighbors. Disposition: Unfounded.

13:10 Alarm Drop - Business 131103042
Occurred at Crane America Services on Deneen Ave. . Duress/panic alarm coming from from key pad.
Disposition: False Alarm-Unknown Reason Activated.

13:57 Domestic 131103043
Occurred on Overbrook Ct. Female is texting her 20 yo nephew constantly/harrasing him - the niece & nephew
verbal argument at residence - all parties are gone att - each party has harrasment going on. Disposition:
Report Taken.

14:04 Solicitor or Peddler Complaint 131103044
Occurred on Locust St. Solicitor selling meat/poss scam - white chrysler lebaron - FNX3001 - currently in
neighborhhod - poss on hickory at this moment. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

14:17 Failure To Pay 131103045
Occurred at Parkside Inn on Ham Midd Rd. . Tenant from yesterday's failure to pay is still in the room/owner
wants him to pay and be escorted off property today. Disposition: Assisted.

15:07 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131103046
Occurred at Old Papermill on S Main St. . Red truck (no known plate) is parked in front of building - poss
tresspassers - caller did not see anyone enter/come out of building. Disposition: Checks Ok.

16:18 Damaged Property Complaint 131103047
Occurred on Mason Ave. Just woke up & noticed his car has been hit - its a black scion - poss occurred at
Wings n Rings last night but he is not sure - he wants to make a report. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

16:19 Animal Complaint 131103048
Occurred on Cranbrook Dr. Dog is on the loose near callers house att - brown/black dog named "Country".
Disposition: Assisted.

16:58 Fire Call 131103050
Occurred at Monroe Collision Ctr on N Garver Rd. . Car on fire - flames & smoke - near building. Disposition:

17:29 Menacing/Intimidation 131103052
Occurred at First Baptist Church on S Main St. . Verbal argument - 3 ppl - threats made by a church member
towards the pastor. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

17:29 Assist Other Agency 131103053
Officer initiated activity at Ham Midd Rd/Appleknoll Ln, Middletown.Assisting OSP. Disposition: Assisted.

18:19 Domestic 131103055
Occurred on Cranbrook Dr. Verbal disturbance between caller and her husband. Disposition: Assisted.

19:32 Damaged Property Complaint 131103056
Occurred on Diamond Loop. Caller discovered damage on the outside of her son's bedroom window.
Disposition: No Action Taken.

00:01 Alarm Drop - Business 131104001
Occurred at Barnetts Automotive on S Verity Pkwy. . Front door and interior motion in the waiting room and
office /forced entry found on front door upon officer's arrival. Disposition: Report Taken.

00:26 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131104003
Occurred on Sagewood Ct. Occupied suspicious vehicle parked in front of residence/white 2dr vehicle.
Disposition: Routine/No Report.

00:57 Disabled Vehicle 131104005
Officer initiated activity at Parkside Inn, Ham Midd Rd, Middletown. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

02:59 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131104008
Occurred at Ham Midd Rd/Appleknoll Ln. Male down on the side of the roadway. Disposition: Gone On

04:43 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131104010
Occurred on Moder Dr. Subject advising that her husband is currently parked outside of the residence/driving
a black GMC Jimmy/ref CN 13-2943. Disposition: Arrest Made.

06:11 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131104012
Occurred on Ham Midd Rd. . caller says there is an unknown male knocking on door att - w/m tall is all she can
give me - knocking for about 10 minutes. Disposition: Assisted

06:34 Alarm Drop - Business 131104014
Occurred at Blue Buffalo on Logistics Way. . North of recieving door. Disposition: Disregarded.
09:21 Warrant Served 131104
Occurred at Wcso Jail on Warren County. . Pick up male at the WCSO jail on a Monroe Mayors ct warrant for
FTA. Disposition: Arrest Made.

10:16 Assault 131104
Officer initiated activity at Monroe High School, Yankee Rd, Monroe.Out with assault report. Disposition:
Report Taken.

10:35 Animal Complaint 131104
Occurred on Carson Rd. Black lab - older dog - running loose/caller says its friendly and he has in it his yard
att - we had a black lab reported missing from Woodsdale Dr about 20 minutes ago by the dogs owner.
Disposition: Assisted.

10:57 Damaged Property Complaint 131104
Occurred on Oxford State Rd. Chain link fence has been cut (possibly overnight) with a big enough opening to
walk through - nothing looks like its missing att but it is a salvage yard so he cant tell - wants to report
damage to fence. Disposition: Report Taken.

11:04 Animal Complaint 131104
Officer initiated activity at Carson Rd, Monroe. Disposition: Assisted.

11:31 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131104
Officer initiated activity at Sunset Ct, Monroe.Suspicious vehicle in driveway. Disposition: Assisted.

11:50 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131104
Officer initiated activity at Ham Midd Rd/Oxford State Rd, Middletown.Out with subject on foot. Disposition:
Routine/No Report.

12:14 Accident-With Injuries 131104
Occurred at Kroger on Heritage Green Dr. . Car hit a tree & an unoccupied truck - one person poss injured -
located at macready/heritage green intersection. Disposition: Assisted.

12:30 Harassment 131104
Occurred on Kelsey Trail. Receiving facebook/twitter harrasment for a few weeks - receiving threats that the
female wanted to fight her outside of school. Disposition: Report Taken.

13:19 Warrant Pick Up 131104
Occurred at Atrium Hospital on Middletown.transferred to Middletown jail for DV charges. Disposition: Arrest

14:25 Accident-Non-Injury 131104
Occurred at Ham Leb Rd/Gateway Blvd. 2 vehicles no injuries. Disposition: Report Taken.

14:38 Public Assist/Welfare Check/Information 131104
Occurred on Riverstone Way. Hasn't heard from daughter since 2am, her sugar was high att and she is not
answering the phone. welfare check. Disposition: Routine/No Report.

15:18 Alarm Drop - Residential 131104
Occurred on Keswick Dr. Entry exit burg. Disposition: False Alarm-Employee-Owner Activated.

16:07 Accident-Non-Injury 131104
Occurred at Ham Leb Rd/Union Rd. In lobby to make report/ prior acc this morning, with box truck that kept
going, has partial plate. Disposition: Report Taken.

16:13 Accident-Private Property 131104
Occurred at Monroe Shell Station on Ham Leb Rd. . Acc no injuries in the lot. Disposition: Report Taken.

17:21 Domestic 131104
Occurred at Miami Conservancy/Bike Path on Oxford State Rd. . Poss domestic/ heated argument, nothing
physical/ male in leather jacket w skull and cross bones on the back standing near silver truck FJS8432/ male
left heading toward trenton/ female left in silver sebring FZM8048 toward middletown. Disposition:

18:24 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131104
Officer initiated activity at Chelsea-Monroe Holdings, Premium Outlet Dr, Monroe.E lot/. Disposition:
Routine/No Report.

18:26 Animal Complaint 131104
Occurred on Cranbrook Dr. "Country" short black and brown dog loose again. Disposition: Assisted.

21:41 Domestic 131104
Occurred on Stewart Way. .husband threw her down and bent her wrist back and broke her phone.
Disposition: Arrest Made.

22:33 Public Assist/Welfare Check/Information 131104
Occurred at Sears Logistics Services Inc on Salzman Rd. .requesting officers check the welfare of the
employees. Disposition: False Alarm-Unknown Reason Activated.

00:35 Drunk Driver/Person Complaint 131105
Occurred at Ham Leb Rd/I 75. Dark colored SUV /unknown direction of travel on 63. Disposition: Gone On

00:45 Warrant Served 131105
Occurred at Butler Co Jail on Hamilton. . Male ready for pickup for DV warrant through Middletown.
Disposition: Arrest Made.

02:11 Susp Person/Car/Activity 131105
Officer initiated activity at Kroger, Oxford State Rd, Middletown.Out with 3 subjects in the parking lot.
Disposition: Routine/No Report.

05:55 Alarm Drop - Business 131105
Occurred at Kp Properties Of Ohio on Reed Rd. . Alarm office entry. Disposition: False Alarm-Employee-Owner

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