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Public School Alternative
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 9:53:41 AM - Monroe Ohio

Many parents in the Middletown, Monroe, Trenton and Franklin areas are dissatisfied with the public schools. Not necessarily for the education their children receive, but rather, for the environment in which they are receiving the education. The sad truth is that the public schools of today are not like the public schools 20-30 years ago. It is common for kids are young as 6th grade to be sexually active; it is not uncommon for middle-school aged girls to be pregnant. Bullying, theft, and violence are day-to-day occurrences. And while these behaviors may only be perpetrated by a "few".... ALL children see it, are exposed to it and are affected by it.

Parents looking for alternatives often look at elective schools like Summit Academy, Central Academy, Middletown Fitness and Prep, or even home school. These parents often overlook a great alternative that lies in Middletown: John XXIII Elementary. The reasons for overlooking this school often include: not knowing about it, thinking it is a "Catholic only" school, or thinking it is too expensive. But none of these reasons are valid and as a parent of two John XXIII students I would encourage anyone who is not 100% satisfied with their child's current school to explore the opportunities available at John XXIII.

John XXIII is located on University and Manchester, just past Miami University. It houses several hundred students from Preschool (Age 3 & 4) through 8th grade. Many of the students are not Catholic; some have no religious affiliation, others are baptist, Buddhist, and Muslim. While John XXIII is a "Catholic" school, it does NOT push catholicism on its students but rather focuses on the morals and values that come from being a good Christian.

John XXIII is also one of the few schools that still offers music, art, and phys. ed EVERY WEEK to EVERY CHILD. Students also begin Spanish lessons in Kindergarten and continue them all the way through 8th grade! There are plenty of extra cirriculars for students as well, including: football, baseball, basketball, lacrosse, track, choir, glee club, art club, band, and many many more!

In addition to all of the wonderful education resources, John XXIII does not face the same restrictions that public schools do when it comes to expulsion and discipline. Students in grades 1st through 8th are required to wear uniforms and the administrators and staff at John XXIII do not hesitate to remove disruptive students from class or from the school entirely. This is usually a moot point, however, because the students at John XXIII and their families know how to treat others with respect, and discipline issues are few and far between.

When talking to friends and family about John XXIII, the only reason they can find for not sending their child is the cost. At almost $4,000 per year it does sound expensive, but it REALLY is not. Not for the education and learning your child receives and for the future it creates for them. Tuition is paid monthly and costs $332.50. There are discounts for members of certain parishes and low income families, as well as multiple child discounts. Most of us spend more than $332 per month on our cable, internet, and cell phone bills. The majority of car payments are more than $332. When you sit back and look at what you really get for your money, you will see that $332 is a bargain.

I encourage you to check out John XXIII by visiting their website (, or calling them at 513-424-1196 to schedule a tour of the facilities. Registration is going on RIGHT NOW and many classes are already filling up.

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