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2010 Warren County Sheriffs Report
Tuesday, May 10, 2011 3:39:58 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Kristina Mayes, Deputy Clerk of Court

Warren County Sheriff Larry L. Sims reported to Council about what has happened in Warren
County in 2010.

He said their call for services in 2010 were down a little from the year before.

They responded to a little over 71,000 calls for service countywide. Their investigation unit
caseload actually increased to just over 600. They are the unit that handles all of their serious
investigations throughout the year and the other calls are handled by the uniformed division.

The sex offender registration continues to climb. We were at 501 in Warren County at the end of the
year 2010, and we are now close to 550. If you would like to know who they are, you can visit our
website, find out where they live and sign up for alerts if they move within 1000 feet of your

They issued 1366 carry and conceal weapon permits in 2010. Warren County is just under 7500
issued since the law was enacted in 2004. The last couple of years those numbers have increased
significantly compared to the previous years.

The bulk of criminal activity in their county tends to be property crimes. They happen in bunches 
and are a challenging type of crime for them to investigate and handle.

He said they arrested a couple of people for counterfeiting in southern Warren County last year.

They had five bank robberies in Warren County in 2010, four of which were in Deerfield Township,
their most populated area. One they assisted in Waynesville.  All led to an arrest. They arrested a couple of people over the year for selling stolen property at the Flea Markets. They arrested five people in Deerfield Township for a $7000 check-writing scheme.

Their foreclosures in 2009 and 2010 were about the same. They were at 1540 in the late fall because
a lot of banks were cancelling the foreclosures which slowed things down.

He said last year he talked about the additional K-9 units they added and, as a result, they had three
K-9’s working in 2010 and were called out 330 times. They were asked to do 38 tracks of individuals,
20 of those led to arrest. They were responsible for $400,000 confiscated from drug dealers which was put back
into funding their drug investigation efforts. In 2010 the Drug Task Force made 174 arrests. They are
responsible for the mid to upper level drug traffickers. They took $2.8 million dollars worth of drugs
off the streets. Meth isn’t what it used to be but heroin has become a significantly big problem for them.
Prescription drugs still are a problem.

The court security division takes care of their courts and complexes, and they also move all the inmates.
They have been renting bed space from Butler County for a little over three years. They have been spending
about $1.2 million each year with Butler County for the bed space. They are in the process of renovating their
jail space and adding second bunks. That project is three-fourths of the way completed, and State approved. This improvement has lowered Warren County tax dollars spent from $100,000 a month for bed space to only $50,000 in January. In February, they spent $22,000 and in March it was just under $30,000 because they are double bunking in several of the units. The last part will be completed at the end of May.  This is projected to save them $150,000 over the next 12 months. They have been pretty active over the
last three years attending their township meetings and sharing information on a monthly basis on what goes 
on in the county.

Last year they joined the Secured Communities Initiative. The FBI fingerprint database has joined
forces with Homeland Security and ICE and now when they bring someone into their jail that is
suspected to be illegal, it is all automated. Once fingerprinted  all the databases are checked and
ICE responds to them to determine the person’s status. They attend the Homeland Security Joint
Terrorism Taskforce meetings to share those types of threats to all Warren County law
enforcement agencies.

He said several cruisers now have license plate readers. He said they had a problem with burglary suspect
in their southern part of the county and they were able to use this to pinpoint the locations this person had
been and found several pawnshops that had the stolen property.

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