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3rd Thermal Imaging Camera for Monroe FD
Friday, December 2, 2005 9:10:27 PM - Monroe Ohio
John Centers,
Assistant Fire Chief
Monroe, Ohio
The Fire Department took delivery of its 3rd Thermal Imaging Camera in November. The camera was awarded through a grant from Homeland Security. The Monroe Fire department was one of only 7 Ohio fire departments to receive this equipment.
Assistant Chief Centers wrote the grant, and traveled to Washington DC for a two day training session. All expenses relating to the grant award were covered by the Department of Homeland Security.

The Bullard TI Commander Thermal Imaging Camera has a list price of  $17,749.00.

The department now has a camera on each front line Engine as well as the Ladder Truck. The Thermal Imaging Camera detects heat sources that are invisible to the naked eye.
This is a critical piece of equipment during search and rescue in a dwelling fire. The camera provides a live thermal picture of the victim on the screen during zero visibility. This allows Firefighters to complete a search in a fraction of the time it once took. The camera also assists Firefighters in locating the seat of a fire in larger structures, finding hot spots hidden in walls, locating the injured or lost in complete darkness and assisting Law Enforcement in the location of suspects hiding in low light situations.
As you may recall, the first camera donated to the department was utilized in the rescue of two trapped Firefighters during a fatal dwelling fire. The Fire Department has responded to 25 fires in structures so far this year, along with an additional 1,762 Fire, EMS & Rescue related calls. This represents a nearly 10% increase in calls from this time last year.
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