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4 out of 5 Monroe City Council Candidates Post Qualifications on The Voice
Monday, November 5, 2007 9:30:23 AM - Monroe Ohio

by John Beagle

A new member, Dob asks:

I have read literature regarding the candidates, but I am still curious. What is your educational background? What is it that makes you more qualified for the seat than the other candidates? Why should I give you my vote?

Here are the 4 candidate responses:
Senior Member

4388 Posts
 Posted - 11/04/2007 :  7:40:23 PM             

Good Questions.

I believe a good Monroe City council member should be

Willing to listen.

I think having a Town Hall Forum is a very good idea. Let the citizens of Monroe speak out on how they feel on the issues. I promise if I can set this up I will be there to listen. I have been out talking to residents all over Monroe. I will always listen.

Aggressively go after businesses we want in Monroe.

Working on the growth of the city, we need to get the businesses to support the residents and tax base. We can go out and get Hi-tech businesses and corporate offices. ( high salaries solid growth companies)

Represent all of Monroe.

I live in Monroe and as a City council member I would work for all citizens. Does not matter what area you live in. The council member should represent each person or area the same.

Champion the City

Be visible to the residents and be involved. Establish a state and regional voice. Help create an Identity with festival or event to draw people to Monroe. Help foster a volunteer spirit in the City.

As for Background. I spent over 4 years in the USAF (SSGT E-5). I have owned my own business and worked the last 13 years in the IT Industry. I attended Sinclair community College and Miami Jacobs in Dayton. Received my MCSE Certificate (Microsoft Certified System Engineer).

I have held Leadership positions at each phase of my life. The ability to solve problems and take responsibility for my actions will help me to be a good Council member.

Call me 513-600-0366 Email me

I will be glad to listen to your concerns.
NOV 6th Vote for
Monroe City Council

Suzi Rubin
New Member

112 Posts
 Posted - 11/04/2007 :  8:50:56 PM               
For formal education, I have a BFA in Electronic Media from CCM at the University of Cincinnati. Not very helpful as far as Council goes though. I also completed the Municipal Leadership Academy my first year on Council through the Ohio Municipal League, have attended several seminars at the National Municipal League conference in Indianapolis a few years ago, and a three day seminar on Public-Private Partnerships sponsored by National Municipal League. I also completed the year-long Leadership Academy sponsored by the Mid Miami Valley Chamber of Commerce last year.

Not sure if that is what you are looking for, but my complete resume is posted at

If you have further questions, let me know. I'm happy to answer any and all.

Bob Kelley

3648 Posts
 Posted - 11/04/2007 :  11:06:17 PM     
Graduated from Little Miami High School,Graduate of the Warren County JVS with the Award of Distinction, Also a graduate of the Ohio Municipal League in my first year on council. Collage I am sad to say was not an option for me when I was younger, now that I am able to go, something always seems to come up, family needs etc.

I have been a business owner for many years and have managed some of the most respected dealerships in the area. I have also been honored with several national awards for excellence.

Politically, I have served on numerous committees and governmental boards such as Monroes Planning Commission, the Board of Directors of the Warren County Municipal League, the OKI Regional Board, Monroes Park Board, The citys technology committee, the citys street committee and the safety services committee. In addition I was on the 4th of July event committee.


In addition to my involvement with the city, I have also been involved for many years with the schools and sports programs. I have two sons that have that have played at all levels and I have enjoyed sponsoring teams and coaching Pee Wee football and summer baseball teams. Some of my fondest memories come form times when I had the opportunity to coach my sons and their friends.


I am a strong supporter of our schools. My wife, Carol, has been a teacher and a coach at the high school for eighteen years, and my oldest son, Bobby, is a 2007 Monroe Graduate. My youngest son, Stephen, is currently a sophomore. For all these many years I have been an involved parent and will continue for many more to come. Although I grew up in Maineville,Ohio, the last twenty five years have made me a true Hornet.


In closing, I appreciate the opportunity that I have been given to serve the community of Monroe. I hope that through your vote on November, 6th that I am given the opportunity to continue with the work that I have started. I am confident that Monroe is a city with great potential, and if re-elected, I will continue to use my experience and management skills to get Monroe the status that we all believe it deserves.

Vote Bob Kelley Monroe City Council....Thank You!
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Michael Gilmartin
Junior Member
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 Posted - 11/05/2007 :  07:17:06 AM             
I am a graduate from Lakota High School (before the huge explosion)

Went straight into work in Plumbing and HVAC mechanical. Earned my masters plumbers license and HVAC license through ABC in Atlanta, GA in their two year apprenticeship program.

I feel my education was better served by experience.

Spent 9 years in the construction field as a Project Supervisor for D.R. Horton homes. After which I moved back home to go into business with my brothers.

I hold patents on two devices. UL listed as "Life Saving Devices". Only two other products are listed as such. Smoke detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. During this time I negotiated product endorsements from the International Assoc. of Fire Chiefs and the FOP. Negotiated celebrity spokes person (William Shatner). Traveled all over the country and Europe.

I have owned businesses, managed businesses and built business from ideas.

This is my education. Far more experience than any professor could have given me.

I was the sales manager for Zimmer Tractor for the past 7 years. Last week I have taken a position as territory manager for Southeastern Equipment. Both companies are here in Monroe.

I look forward to the challenges that will soon be upon us here in our little city. I feel I am well seasoned to take these tasks on and will be available to the citizens with ears and eye open ready to roll up my sleaves to get the job done.

Thank you all for your support. It truly has been an incredible experience getting more involved with our wonnderful community.

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Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly! and Leave the Rest to God.

****Vote for MICHAEL GILMARTIN Monroe City Council****

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