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7 Hot Items on School Board Agenda
Thursday, August 17, 2006 12:55:44 PM - Monroe Ohio
There were seven items on the original agenda last night.

A - The board took the required second action to place the same 4.39 mill, $1,119,280 emergency levy on the November ballot. This is the exact same measure that was on the August ballot.

B - All not academic extracurricular activities will be ended beginning with the winter sports season. The superintendent and a majority of the board felt it was unfair to cancel fall activities since our students have already been practicing for several weeks.

C - The superintendent was directed to negotiate a salary freeze/reductions with the Monroe Education Association

D - A minimum class size of 12 was adopted. Classes smaller than this will be canceled, and the students will be moved to other available classes. Note, this will most certainly result in students being assigned to classes that they neither want or need, but will save money. If these class reductions result in excess teaching staff, the Superintendent was directed to initiate a reduction in force, in coordination with the Monroe Education Association.

E - The resolution to eliminate the preventative maintenance program for the new school building was defeated, 4-0. The reasoning was that this program was necessary to protect the long term integrity of the building, and more importantly to prevent a Kings School District situation, where maintenance was stopped and significant mold was growing in the ventilation system. This created a health hazard for the students, and their entire system is being replaced at a cost of approximately $1,500,000, on a 5 year old building.

F - A resolution requiring the treasurer to immediately arrange for the Ohio Department of Education to conduct a full and complete financial audit of the district's finances was passed.

Additionally, Mr. Pierce asked for an additional resolution to eliminate open enrollment busing. This was not approved, primarily because while it costs the district $78,000 to run this program, anticipated financial losses from reduced enrollment were expected to be in excess of $500,000, which would immediately force us to make at least an additional $482,000 in budget cuts.

The planned update/presentation of this year's financial budget was postponed until the next meeting. The purpose of this review is to make sure that last year's budget errors and mistaken assumptions will not be repeated. It was a late request and the treasurer simply did not have time to prepare the presentation. However this review must be conducted soon to make sure we have taken enough steps to ensure the budget is balanced against revenues, should the levy not pass in November. Should it pass, some of the above actions may be rescinded.

Tom Birdwell
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