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$900 Pay to Play - All MIddletown Sports
Friday, July 6, 2007 2:08:42 PM - Monroe Ohio

After the failure of the May levy, the Board of Education eliminated all funds designated to support extracurricular activities.


Today, the Board of Education approved an activity fee structure that is the basis of a pay to play fee for extracurricular activities.


The structure has five categories:


*     High School GMC activities (all sports) $900.00 per sport

*     High School GMC academic activities (Chess team and

Academic Quiz team) $350.00

*     High School Academic activities (band, drama,

thespians, student govt., national honor society,

etc…) $90.00

*     Middle School GMC activities (same as above) $500.00

*     Middle School Academic activities (same as above)



A community based committee called the 543 committee, is in the process of raising money to support all extracurricular activities. Any funds raised will be allocated to support all activities equally.


The above listed fees are subject to change contingent upon the money raised by the community group to reduce the fees and if levy passes in August, the fee structure will be restored to current levels.


According to Eric Sotzing, district treasurer, the cost of extracurricular activities must not cost the district anything because the money is not available in the districts general fund.



Debbie Alberico

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