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A few items for Monroe fans
Wednesday, August 10, 2005 2:11:38 PM - Monroe Ohio

1.      The Boosters will meet next Wednesday, August 17, @ 7:00 in the Media Center.  Agenda items include an update on the Record Board project, approval of the Communication Plan, and status of the Varsity M Club. 

2.      If you are a Hornet Patron ($75 membership), you will receive your parking pass from the parking attendant the night of the first home game.  If time permits, Pam will try to hand them out the week before.  We don't mail them due to cost.  The parking lot is located behind the school, and it's the closest one to the stadium.

3.      There is still time to become a member and receive a parking pass - the lot is large, so we can accommodate more members.  Attached is a form - send the completed form with payment to Pam.  It's too late to have your name printed in the Fall program, but the monies will help support the student athletes.

4.      We need volunteers for the following projects:

    •         Inflate the HIVE:  This takes 15 minutes before each home game.  Contact Pat Harrington if interested or have questions.
    •         Selling programs:  Pick a home game(s) to sell programs.  Contact Cindy Michaels
    •         Working concession stand:  Any game will be a help!  Contact Anita Williams
    •         Selling 50/50 raffle tickets:  Any game will be a help!  Contact me

5.      Wondering about a schedule for a specific sport?  Check out this link to find out schedules for Monroe sports:

Our club is growing along with our school district.  All of the profits from the fundraisers support the student athletes.  Please consider stepping up to volunteer one or two hours this year.  You really do make a difference!

Thanks for your support,


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