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AEIF Executive Board Update June 26, 2006
Tuesday, June 27, 2006 1:15:16 PM - Monroe Ohio


June 26, 2006


Bargaining Update


We are still awaiting the Company’s response to our June 16 comprehensive contract proposal.


On The Picket Line


It has come to the attention of the AEIF that, in reference to reports of an alleged assault upon a replacement worker, someone on the picket line commented to the press that “ . . . if you take the chance and cross the line and go in and work, when you come out into the city limits, you’re fair game.”  The quoted individual was not speaking on behalf of the AEIF.  THE AEIF DOES NOT ENCOURAGE, CONDONE, OR SUPPORT VIOLENCE AGAINST REPLACEMENT WORKERS.  THE AEIF SPECIFICALLY DISAVOWS ANY AND ALL STATEMENTS TO THE CONTRARY. 


In addition, we have received a third report that radios are being used to “jam,” or worse – broadcast false work instructions – on business frequencies utilized by AK Steel. THE AEIF DOES NOT ENCOURAGE, CONDONE, OR SUPPORT SUCH ACTIVITY.


We remind you that all radios capable of transmitting on business frequencies are banned from the picket line. Scanners are permissible only if they cannot transmit.




                                      - Your Executive Committee

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