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AKS and AEIF Still At Impasse
Wednesday, February 22, 2006 11:35:50 AM - Monroe Ohio
by John Beagle

Neither side is willing to budge, and negotiations are at an impasse. Here are some excerpts from the latest AK Steel and AEIF newsletters:
AK Committed to Deadline
"Regardless of the AEIF's strike authorization vote [2424 AEIF Members voted in favor of the strike, 54 against], it remains the Company's strong desire to reach a new agreement with the AEIF by the February 28th expiration of the current contract" - AK Steel Front Line Facts
"No one, including the company, can tell you with certainty what will happen." - AEIF Update from AEIF Website

Good Faith Bargaining?
The AEIF did not make any counter offers to the labor agreement proposed by AK on November 30, 2005 until Feb 15, 2006. - AK Steel Front Line Facts
"We have discussed many issues at the bargaining table but we can't seem to keep the Company's attention." - AEIF Update from AEIF Website
Painful Bargaining
"To date, we have reached tentative agreement on only two non-economic issues."  AK Steel Front Line Facts
"Whenever we get close to resolution of an issue, the company wants to move to another." - AEIF Update from AEIF Website
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