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Americana‘s Grand Opening set for 2001
Thursday, July 27, 2000 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
The anticipated opening of the Americana Amusement Park has been put off until April 2001. According to Jerry Couch, the new owner of the park, this is a positive set back. He claims to have set high standards in making sure this park will be long lived and enjoyed by patrons. He said that the park is in good condition but would like to make it better. Crews were in the park replacing concrete and putting a new building around the log flume. Couch has other plans to enhance the amusement park. He acquired the floor of the old Moonlight Gardens at Coney Park in Cincinnati in an attempt to restore the Stardust Gardens, which was destroyed in a fire. The wood obtained from Moonlight will be used as the dance floor in the new gardens. He hopes that it will remind people of the history of the park. Other projects include keeping a couple of rides as museum pieces and setting the old Kiddie Ferris wheel near the front of the parking lot to create a visible landmark on Ohio 4. Couch wants this to be a family park where price is not an issue. He would like to keep ticket sales in the $10 to $11 range. Applications are being accepted for employment. Currently there are ten full time employees keeping up the park.
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