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Amie Earls Appointed to School Board
Tuesday, January 24, 2012 9:46:04 AM - Monroe Ohio

Last night Amie Earls, 37, was sworn in as a new School Board Member. Ms. Earls replaced John McDonald who resigned last month due to health reasons.

Earls was one of two individuals who applied and were interviewed Saturday; Mary Maurer was the other.

"I want to publicly acknowledge both of you for having the courage to stand during such a difficult time we're facing." said School Board President, Brett Guido of Mary and Amie.

Earls and her family moved from Middletown to Monroe six years ago. She is a part-time instructor at Miami University where she teaches two educational psychology courses and a family studies course. Additionally, she was a Monroe K-3 teacher during the 2010/2011 school year. She resigned for personal reasons.

In 2009 Amie Earls spearheaded a campaign called 'Moms Supporting Moms', a group supporting the 2009 school levy.

Regarding the appointment, Superintendent Lolli had this to say: “I believe we had two very strong candidates for the open board seat. Both would provide high quality leadership. Mrs. Earls was chosen to fill the vacant seat. As an educator and a parent with children in the Monroe schools, I believe that she will provide strong leadership. It is my hope that Ms. Mauer will serve on the district’s community finance committee. With her background and professional experiences, she would provide strong financial knowledge and expertise to that committee and the district.”


Additional Background and links:

 Moms Supporting Moms (Monroe 2009 Levy)

- walked in 2009 4th of July Parade with other moms
- spearheaded drive to support levy door to door including parents, teachers, students and coaches. 
- Presented levy updates to the school board
- answered questions from the public regarding the levy
- Petitioned and thanked council in support of school levy
- Headed information meetings on Oct 12, 13 2009

In 2009 Amie and her family were on vacation when her dogsitter accidently let her dog out. The dog was quickly recovered thanks to some wonderful community members.

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