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An interview with Tom Leeds, School Board President ReElect
Monday, February 9, 2009 2:28:52 PM - Monroe Ohio

Photo: Presudent Leeds looks on while Superintendent Lolli addresses meeting attendees

by John Beagle

I recently interviewed Monroe School Board President, Tom Leeds. Here is the interview.

Beagle: "Share with me your thoughts on last year and this year going forward?

Leeds: "As far as last year, I thought last year last year went very well except for the levy failure.

Hiring Dr. Lolli as our Superintendent was the highlight of the year. She has done great things for Monroe and will continue to do so. Her expertise in the field of education is second to none.

There is no doubt about Dr. Lolli, she said she is all about kids and she has demonstrated that over and over.

I feel she has the staff in a "team work" mode which is a positive for our district.

She along with some of her staff, have reviewed and revised some of our curriculum and teaching habits that is beneficial to our kids and will result in Monroe Local Schools having an Excellent rating in the near future.

She is constantly looking at ways to save money for our district and has saved us alot already."

Beagle: "Why did the board unanimously choose Mike Lane over Chris Snyder for VP?"

Leeds: "Mr Snyder did not want the position this year."

Beagle: "What do you think is the most important issue surrounding the school district this year?"

Leeds: "The major challenge for this year, at this point, is getting our renewal operating levies passed."

Beagle: "Any other thoughts you would like to share?"
Leeds: "As far as my thoughts, I would like to see more community involvement with the schools so the BIG picture is understood vs just the immediate."

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