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Arnie Elam speaks out about the School Year
Monday, June 3, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Source: Monroe Local Schools Website: The 2001 / 2002 school year was once again a very successful year for not only the students and staff but also the community. As we reflect, there were several milestones accomplished as our fledgling district moved into the future.

Our district gained nine indicators on the report card on schools, thereby bringing the total up from nine to eighteen. This increase moved the district from academic watch to continuous improvement. District wide twenty-three of the areas that are defined as indicators were improved upon. All of the seniors passed the Ohio Proficiency Test to meet the requirements needed for graduation.

The district was fortunate in being afforded the opportunity to purchase 186 acres to locate the new school facilities that were made possible by the passage of a $29,915.00 bond issue. The School House of Quality process was used to gather input from literally thousands of people for the design of the new school building and its surrounding facilities. As the summer approaches and we prepare to close the 2001/2002 school year and make plans for next year, you can expect to see construction begin in early July with a completion date set for August of 2004.

I want to thank the many people from all areas of the community for making this school year yet another outstanding experience in the lives of our students. I also want to encourage each of you to continue with your enthusiasm and the many positive ways you touch the young people of Monroe.


Monroe Local School District
Arnol Elam
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