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Asst Fire Chief Spearheads $2,150 Fundraiser for Fallen Firefighter
Tuesday, September 16, 2008 4:32:48 PM - Monroe Ohio
Red Onion Firefighter Fundraiser
by John Centers

What a great turnout for the Kenny Ellis benefit at the Red Onion Caf!

I am proud to announce that $2,150.00 was collected in food specials, donations and split the pot. I am also proud to announce a few other things that may not have happened without some really terrific people:

Sharon Crist - Without her and this great idea, this event would not have happened.
Mark Bursley for saying, Here, take my caf and do what you need to do. And oh, heres a bunch of food to make profits from.".
The Garver Farm Staff for hand picking this terrific corn for us. The meals would not have been as great without it.
Chef Gary Henz for planning and having such great ideas. Without which, this would not have been such a hit (We all hope you are feeling better).
John Crist for creating the most rockin fire hydrant Ive ever seen that will be given to Kenny and his family.
Bob Kelly (again) for with his wonderful signs
Mike Schlorman & Kathy Moore who ran the split the pot.Aggressively I might add
The guy that won the split the pot and donated half of it back

The entire staff of the Red Onion (who I now respect more than ever!) as listed below;
Sharon Crist
Katie Gurlock
Jill Stork (and her sis)
Jordon Frei
Brain Russel
Tim Lafayette
Mallory Lafayette
Bert & Shelly Sisk

If you ever thought this whole bartending/waitressing/cooking thing was a walk in the park, go ahead and re-think that one. In the future when I hear, Dont forget to tip your waitresses and bartenders, Ill know why. The job is hard enough, but I had Grimes (aka Corn Boy) with, Wheres the corn?, What do I have to do to get more corn? Is that corn still available every 90 seconds or so YES I got him more corn. Like I had a choice?

Red Onion Firefighter Fighters

Special thanks to the Firefighter wives - Sports Mom, Alecia Conte and Jenica McGinnis for once again supporting something they truly believe in. Big thanks to Summerlover, Sunshine, Star Rider (he was helping the girls too) and Mindi for an unrivaled support of our Fire Department. Sports Mom called them to help and they were there within a half hour and ready to work.

Red Onion Firefighter Fundraiser

And most of all, the citizens of Monroe who stopped by, ate, drank and were definitely merry! The Fire Department is so lucky to have the support, respect and appreciation of a great community. In the midst of this rather unusual weather event, people without electric, cable, hot water, cool drinks, roofs, ice or any perishable foods came out. We havent lost our small town feel, I saw it and know it exists. For all those who gave, you have done a wonderful thing. Many of you have supported the Fire Department whenever we have asked for help in the past and deserve our most sincere thanks!

Red Onion Firefighter Fundraiser
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