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Bill Brock, City Manager for a Year
Friday, February 27, 2004 4:41:48 PM - Monroe Ohio
Bill Brock, 35 has been effectively running the city since the departure of former city manager, Don Whitman, last March. With a degree in civil engineering from the University of Dayton in 1991, he will officially start his 1 year contract on March 1, 2004 as city manager with the city of Monroe. Bill also has a masters in business administration.

Bill has been handling city’s financial problems in an aggressive manner. Slashing budgets and cutting programs, Brock has cut over a half of a million dollars out of the budget. Formerly the assistant city manager and city engineer in 1999, he also had been the community development department for the city of Dayton.

Editorial: The city of Monroe has been though some tough times. Don Whitman and Dave Collins (former city manager and former city treasurer respectively), left this city with unanswered financial questions and seemingly unsolvable problems. I am not blaming them for all the problems, but their administration surely contributed to the financial situation we are now in. Their lack of communication and the lack of follow-through by council allowed things to degrade to a possible financial emergency status that could be declared by the State of Ohio Auditors office.

Brock is one half of a new way of doing things in Monroe. Jay Stewart, acting city treasurer is the other half. The new way is to discuss real numbers. Review in detail the numerous budgets for the city. To have an active Financial review committee that has access to the raw data that they need. Brock and Stewart represent a new generation in Monroe city management. Ask them a straight question, get a straight answer with facts, rather than guesses to back up their answers.

I am not going to say the former administration was under control former city powerbrokers (it sure looked that way). I will say, the powerbrokers of old, have lost their teeth with this administration and council.
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