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Bristols Should be Shut Down
Wednesday, April 3, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
MSM Commentary-
How is it that people lose their houses and farms when drugs are found, but Bristol‘s can violate liquor, drugs and prostitution laws and still stay in business. Business owners are held accountable for the actions of employees all the time. If a bartender serves someone who later goes out and crashes their car, the bartender and the business owner can be held accountable.

I find the law in this case to be a double standard. The owners of Bristol‘s should be held accountable for the illegal activity that was going on in their business. Pleading ignorance is no defense of the law. If you break the law, the judge is not going to excuse you if you say, "I did not know it was against the law."

Business owners are to be held accountable, period. Why aren‘t the owners of Bristol‘s being held to any level of accountability! Especially since they lost their liquor license due to violations in the past.

What is your opinion? Let me know and we will post it here. You can reach me at

Response from midnight 24 []:
I think your opinion is driven by your desire to rid Monroe of this so called blithe. Although I don‘t want the kind of activity that the police arrested some of the workers for in my community, I still think that the business has a right to operate with in the bounds of the law.If my memory serves me right a year or so ago a young man was selling drugs from the drive-thur window at MacDonalds on tylersville road, should the government have closed the business down and taken it from the owner (i‘m sure he said he did not know that this activity was going on).
And just a thought while i am on this subject - i understand that while Bristol‘s and Hustler have offered monies to the schools and community for various projects and all have been turned down because of the apperrance of taking this kind of monies - what does the city government and schools do with the monies that they recieve from these businesses that are collected from taxes

MSM Responds:
One employee selling drugs is much different than what happened at Bristol‘s. Nearly EVERY employee was involved and this was going on for months and months. There is no comparison to what happened at the fast food restaurant. If this was the convenience store, I would say the same thing. One time, one employee can be excused. But multiple employees over many months can not.

I think it‘s time that people left the Bristol‘s business alone in Monroe. (There‘s) Nothing wrong witha man or woman who works hard all week long, all day long, and they want to go to Bristol‘s and sit back and watch a girl dance around a little bit. It‘s better than being on welfare. They are just trying to get by and support their families. Leave them alone. Have a good cold beer. Chill out with them. You may enjoy it.

I‘ve read in the paper that Bristol‘s is now open and back to normal. Does this mean sex and drugs are still available at Bristol‘s?

Ok ladies and gents, here is my never humble opinion.
I think that Bristol‘s provides an interesting opportunity for our community. It allows us to see up close and first hand a sort of litmus test for our community. I find it amusing that members of our population will actually defend their right to see a girl dance around lewdly while they live vicariously with cheap thrills and the dulling of their minds with alcohol. Do people have this right? Well of course they do and I guess I have to agree with them on this point. However I also think it is a pathetic and incredibly lame avenue for momentarily escaping the reality of life, not to mention a pathetic waste of our freedoms. It is warped that when writing about this establishment a prior author made reference to working a job and relaxing before returning to his family. My suggestion is that if he wants to be beneficial to his family, he skip the hutchie-cootchie and go straight home to his wife. Now I know that is an extreme view in our society, but again this is America and I have the right to air my extreme views as well. But to get back to my point, it is always interesting to see who will pipe-up with an opinion. To me the bottom line is that Bristol‘s and Hustler are here to stay. We each and every one have the ability to make our own choices and we will each receive the appropriate consequences and repercussions from our decisions. I have never felt that whining and crying are an appropriate solution. We all have lives to live with a very limited resource of time and we must chose what best fills up this time. I think the majority of people can find more productive means with which to consume their lives. We all make choices every day and I know that in my life it would be a detriment to visit these establishments.
Consider this-- if I never visit Bristols I may miss out on some excitement and thrills. But if I do visit Bristols I risk the trust of my wife and the watching eyes of my son who measures life by the example of his father. It seems like an obvious choice to me. It‘s all about what is important to us.
Our actions reflect the desires of our hearts.
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