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Burrows Not Moving to Monroe is No Big Loss
Wednesday, March 5, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Burrows has decided to stay in Franklin and build a 275,000 square foot corrugated packaging facility. In order to keep Burrows from moving to Monroe, Franklin offered a 12 year 100 percent tax abatement on real property AND a 10 year, 70 percent abatement on personal property.

Monroe has a limited amount of industrial zoned property located on St RT 63. Monroe had offered a similar deal to Burrows. This kind of deal would have devalued our industrial base and would not guarantee a long term relationship with Burrows. Burrows property tax abatement on their existing facility in Franklin ended in 2001 and the real property tax abatement expires in 2004. Burrows, like many companies, will only stay as long as huge tax abatements are in effect. After the abatement period ended, Burrows sought to relocate to any area that would offer an abatement. The new plant will be employing 55 fulltime workers and occupy 19 acres on Commerce Park Drive in Franklin.

Burrows Snapshot: Servicing customers since 1932, The Burrows Company has been very active in expanding its role as a total supplier to the healthcare industry.
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