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Canada Lottery Scam
Wednesday, November 3, 2004 9:39:03 AM - Monroe Ohio


233 South Main Street

P.O. Box 330

Monroe, Ohio


Gregory Homer

(513) 539-9234

Chief Of Police                                                                                          

(800) 392-5865





Dear Monroe Resident,


We have seen an upswing in the amount of scams portrayed against the elderly in our City and wanted to warn the residents. These scams, the most popular of which is the “Canadian Lottery Scam”, target people by claiming they have won a large cash prize and then they ask that money be wired to them to cover insurance or taxes on the prize before the prize money can be released. The callers usually pretend to be a government official, such as Customs, FBI, etc.. and is very convincing and demands an immediate response or they advised you that you will forfeit your “Prize”. 


Signs to look for to spot a Scam


1.    If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

2.    You have been asked for money for insurance or taxes in order to release your prize.

3.    You are asked for your ban account, credit card details, social security number, or other confidential information up front.

4.    The caller is more excited than you.

5.    The stranger that contacts you acts like your best friend.

6.    You are told that if you do not reply immediately you will not receive your prize.

7.    The caller pretends to be a Government Agent. (Government Agents do not get involved in sweepstakes, lotteries, etc..)

8.    There is no Lottery in Canada.

9.    Was the call or letter unsolicited? (Winning a sweepstakes that you have never entered.)

10.                      Did the call or letter come from another country?

11.                      Have you been asked to keep the prize a secret?

12.                      Can you afford to lose the money you are asked for?



If you or anyone you know have been solicited for a scam like this, or believe that you are being targeted for a scam. Please contact the Monroe Police Department at 513-539-9234 and report it.








Detective Michael Staples #812







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