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Caution Sign Needed For New School?
Monday, April 22, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
In an article on "The Voice" Dottie points out that the new traffic light by where Monroe‘s new school buildings are to be built might not be recognized by drivers that are used to it not being there. The following is an excerpt from her post.

"As, we are going to have the new high school on a corner of such a busy intersection, we think a light is the perfect answer. However, my husband made the comment about the tractor-trailer traffic that runs up and down Route 63. With over 22 years (myself) and over 30 years for my husband in the trucking industry, we feel that a flashing caution light to warn the semi‘s of the light change would be an excellent idea! Not that we think they need to know if they can speed, but the sheer fact that most of these semi‘s are legally loaded at 80,000 pounds, some lighter some heavier. These trucks CANNOT stop like a car and it just seems to us that we are asking for wrecks to happen there! We may be wrong, but I would rather be wrong and not have brought up the subject rather than have our children pull out in front of a loaded semi!"

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