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Children' Community Theatre Coming This Fall
Wednesday, May 28, 2008 11:50:41 AM - Monroe Ohio

by Nina Markle

There has been much excitement about the coming of the Middletown Performing Arts Academy.  What exactly is this?  Who is it for?  What does it do?

The Performing Arts Academy, a non profit organization, is for everyone in Middletown, Monroe, Madison, Trenton, Hamilton, Carlisle, Franklin, Lebanon and other cities in Butler and Warren Counties who desires to improve their quality of life and the life of their community.  Our mission is to provide quality music education for people of all ages, as we plan to incorporate a program of music for infants through preschool age children.

Private vocal and instrumental instruction will be offered by professional  musicians from the Cincinnati area as well as musicians from the surrounding areas. Choral and instrumental ensembles, a piano lab for class piano,an auditioned children’s chorus for children in third to sixth grades, an auditioned middle and high school chorus, musicals for all ages, dinner theatres, handbell ringing for all ages, the Children’s Community Theatre and ‘drumming’ classes will be offered this fall. 

Dr. Elizabeth Lolli, Monroe Schools Superintendent and Dr. Steve Price, Middletown City Schools Superintendent support the Academy and have offered teaching space during after school hours for the start up of our programs.  Presently, the Children’s Community Theatre is being held at the First United Methodist Church at 120 South Broad Street, Middletown and the Children’s Community Chorus will be held at Miller Ridge Elementary beginning in September. Venues for other ensembles and classes will be announced later in the summer. The future plans are for the Performing Arts Academy to buy or lease a building where all of their classes and concerts will take place.

Serving on the board for this newly organized group are Larry Daniel and Charles Beorn of Monroe, William Brinkley of Franklin, Joan Stoutenborough, and Mary Ellen Clinard of Middletown, Judy Bober, Dawn Cooke and Nina Markle of Middletown.

For more information concerning private teaching, Children’s Community Theatre or classes offered this fall, please email or  We look forward to serving you.

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