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Chris Snyder letter to the Community
Monday, October 27, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
I am running for a seat on the Monroe Local School Board, and I need your support. My involvement in the community and school district has motivated me to seek a position on the Board. I believe I can help the district move forward in the direction that is best for both the students and community.
For the past three years, Iíve attended most of the board meetings. I am well versed on the issues. Iíve listened to the current members and the administration, and Iíve talked with a large number of residents about their concerns, hopes and dreams for the district. Monroe schools have made great
strides, but there is so much more work to be done to prepare our children for their futures.

The quality of our educational system is improving each year. I support the
Co-curriculum concept of maintaining strong programs for education, the
arts, and athletics. The districtís ratings and test scores indicate we are
making outstanding progress in our educational program, and we need to do
the same for the arts and athletics programs. Decisions will need to be made
by the board to ensure these programs have the necessary funding to
flourish, and that they are available to all students who have the desire to
participate. There is no question children gain discipline and self
confidence when they participate in music, art and/or athletics. I will work
to foster an environment that supports all extracurricular activities so our
children have the opportunity to receive a well-rounded education.

Another reason I am running for a seat is to ensure appropriate age group
separation at the new facility. This issue was the number one concern of our
community heading into our new district, and I can guarantee you it is a top
priority of mine. During the past three years, Jr. High students have been
in the same building as High School students. Due to class schedules,
teacher schedules, bus schedules and building design, their paths cross many
times during the day. Research (and common sense) says this is not the best
environment for both age groups. Next year we will be housing our entire
district in one building - about 1,550 children, ages 5-19 under one roof.
The wing design will improve the flow of traffic, but decisions such as
class schedules and teacher†scheduling will need to be made by the Board to
help minimize any unforeseen contact with the different age groups. I want
to make sure the children grow and learn in their own enviroment with their

The district currently has a program in place to help the high school
students prepare for college, but I believe a Phase 2 program is needed to
help with the "total transition". I would work with the administration,
staff and recent graduates to identify the districtís areas of improvement;
then design a program that not only addresses our childrenís educational
needs but include sessions to improve social skills and quality of life
skills. It may seem inappropriate for a district to focus on quality of
life, but unfortunately, not all students have a home life that teaches them
everyday tasks.

From its infancy Iíve been actively involved in Monroeís new district. As a
member of the Executive Committee, I worked to pass the very first Bond Levy
for the Monroe Local School District. These funds are building our new
school facility today. And as a member of the Executive Committee to recruit
our High School principal, I was fortunate to work on a team that identified
Mr. Bob Leahy as the best candidate. I am a big supporter of Mr. Leahy, and
I feel this was a coup for our district to hire a gentleman of his caliber
to lead our high school. We could not find a better man to guide our

I believe in service to the community. As a life-long Monroe resident and
Monroe High School alumni, Iíve received the benefit of so many Monroe
volunteers. Iíve made an effort to give back to the community by
volunteering as President of the Monroe Swim Club and Treasurer of the
Monroe Soccer Board. The future is our children, and I want to make a
difference in their lives. When you vote November 4th, please remember me. I
will work tirelessly as an advocate for our children.


Chris Snyder
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