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Chris Snyder, SB President Editorial
Monday, August 7, 2006 9:41:28 PM - Monroe Ohio

To the Monroe Community,




In the late 1990s rumors were circulating that the Middletown School District would shut down Monroe High School. This was a very real possibility due to the fact that our facilities had been neglected for so long they were becoming a dangerous place to house students. Needless to say the Monroe community was concerned about this possibility. At that time, the superintendent of Middletown Schools came to a community forum in Monroe to address these issues. During the question and answer session the superintendent finally told the people in attendance, “We are shutting down Monroe High School and there’s nothing you can do about it”. Out of this very comment Monroe Local Schools was born.


Led by a group of concerned citizens a referendum was eventually placed on the ballot. The Monroe community overwhelmingly supported the split from Middletown. Nearly 80% of the votes cast supported the initiative. Monroe sent a clear message to the state of Ohio that they wanted to be able to offer better educational opportunities along with up to date facilities for the students in Monroe. After a lengthy legal battle the state finally agreed.


The first school year 2000-01 the new Monroe District was rated “Academic Watch” just one step above the lowest rating of “Academic Emergency” on the Ohio Department of Education report card. The district immediately had to put money into the neglected high school to make it safe. In addition modular units were purchased to house the burgeoning elementary population.




At the end of the 2005-06 school year, Monroe High School and Monroe Elementary School will be rated “Excellent”, the highest rating by the Ohio Department Education. This is a phenomenal feat to accomplish in just six short years!


In the year 2000 the average price of a home in Monroe (per the Cincinnati Board of Realtors) was $133,174.

In the year 2005 the average price of a home in Monroe (per Cincinnati Board of Realtors) was $167,267.



By the year 2006 the Monroe School District has become one of the top school districts in the state of Ohio both in academics and facilities, exactly what this community said they wanted in 1999. There is no doubt the average sale price of a home in Monroe has soared in direct correlation to our school district’s academic success during the last six years.




Our community is at the crossroad that every school district in Ohio faces, the need for additional operating funds. At the inception of the Monroe district, residents were told of the possibility of an operating levy in 2003, but through diligence of the Board of Education and administration, that decision has been delayed until now. We all know the cost of utilities have risen over the years, and Monroe has seen an explosion of growth, with approximately 400 more resident students than in 2000. Over the past several years many cost cutting measures have taken place, enabling us to keep the levy to just 4.39 mills.


This levy will be used only for day to day operations of the district and it is the first time the Monroe Local Schools has asked for new operating money. This levy will cost the homeowner of a $100,000 home about $130 a year or approximately $11 a month. This amount is based on the property assessment through Butler County, not the market value of your home. You can visit the Butler County web site at


The focus of our campaign is YESTERDAY - TODAY! - TOMORROW?


We know where we were yesterday, we know where we are at today, tomorrow is the last piece of our puzzle. Where would you like our schools to be, like yesterday or today?


Chris Snyder, President

Monroe Local Board of Education


Please visit The Monroe Levy Campaign Committee web site at  to ask questions or get more info.






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