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City Health Co-Pay Insurance Fails
Tuesday, March 13, 2012 10:56:05 AM - Monroe Ohio

by Angela Wasson, Clerk of Council

A Resolution adopting a 2012 Health Co-Insurance Policy.

Mr. Brock recommended that Council not approve this policy. He referred to information
provided to Council showing it would be difficult for an employee to reach the $6,000 figure
unless there was a tragic event. Mr. Brock acknowledged that all unions indicated they would
put their grievances aside if this were to be approved tonight; however, he felt the program
should stand on its own and not go forward based on the grievances. Mr. Brock noted it is a
good policy to put in place for the employees.

Mrs. Rubin asked Mr. Brock if he is recommending that this matter be taken up again after the
grievances are settled. Mr. Brock had no recommendation.

Mr. Black questioned Mr. Brock’s recommendation if, as Mr. Brock stated, the plan has no
correlation to any grievance process. Mr. Brock doesn’t feel it has any correlation to the
grievance process, but believes it has gotten intertwined in the grievance process. This policy
doesn’t have anything to do with the contract language. The contractual language that is being
grieved has nothing to do with this policy, but it appears the two have been comingled.
Mr. Black still felt it is the right thing to do for our employees whether there is a grievance or
not. Mrs. Rubin agreed.

Mr. Brock agreed that it is a good benefit for the employees overall, but the two issues have been
comingled too deeply and the City is in a good position on the grievances.
Mr. Black acknowledged there is no correlation and that is the thought process he went through
in determining it is something we should do this year and find a resolution for next year.
Mr. Callahan advised that it will take four votes to adopt this legislation even though there are
only five members present.

Mr. Kelley moved to read Resolution No. 08-2012 by title only and consider this the second
reading; seconded by Mrs. Rubin. Voice vote. Motion carried.

The Clerk of Council read Resolution No. 08-2012 by title only.

Mr. Kelley moved to adopt Resolution No. 08-2012; seconded by Mr. Black. Roll call vote:
three ayes; two nays (Hickman and Routson). Motion failed.

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