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City Manager Brock and Assistant Wasson at center of $120K Police Lawsuit
Wednesday, October 10, 2007 2:32:51 PM - Monroe Ohio

By John Beagle


Main Street Monroe has just obtained a complaint that reads like a scene from Peyton Place with the city on center stage. Alleged sexual harassment, falsifying records, retaliatory  action by two government figures and several John Doe’s.

Photo: Bill Brock, Monroe City Manager


City Liability could be $120,000 or More

$120,000 is the request from the police for relief of this complaint. $20,000 for compensatory damages and $100,000 in punitive damages, plus attorney fees and other potential fees.


Four (4) John Doe’s,  four police officers who are so afraid of ‘further’ retaliatory action by the City, that they refuse to be named in the lawsuit.


No Comment
The city manager, Bill Brock and assistant to the city manager, Angela Wasson both have no comment to the complaint against them and the city of Monroe.


Messages to Council, the City Manager, the Assistant to the city manager, the police chief and a police captain have not been answered at this time.


"The matter has been referred to me for investigation.  Because it involves threatened litigation, I cannot comment further.  I have advised the city council and staff to refrain from comment as well." City Attorney Philip Callahan


The letter to council starts:
“Over the past two weeks, several Monroe police officers have consulted [John H Forg, the Attorney from Repper, Pagan, Cook, LTD] about certain actions taken by William Brock, the city manager against their department.”


In summary the suit alleges the following:

1.       Retaliatory conduct by City Manager Brock

2.       Sick and Personal Pay Required for Injured Workers

3.       Workers Compensation

4.       False Reports to BWC by Assistant Wasson


Additional excerpts taken from the letter:
…in retaliation for charges of sexual harassment made against Capt. Thomas Bishop…


Officers have previously attempted to address what they believe to be retaliatory conduct… the city manager has refused to act or ruled against…


Officer asserts that Angela Wasson, an assistant to Mr. Brock, has interfered in the Workers Compensation process by refusing to provide information to the BWC, or return phone calls from the BWC office….

…she (Angela Wasson) has falsely reported that a police officer had chosen to take sick leave rather than receive salary continuation.

--she (Angela Wasson) falsely reported to BWC and officer had returned to work…

Brock and Wasson Complaint Full Copy (pdf)

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