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Coach Krauss: Kroger Rewards Hornets
Tuesday, April 25, 2006 10:29:27 AM - Monroe Ohio

Hi all,

The Monroe Football team is asking for your help. All you need to do is shop at Kroger (any Kroger). We are enrolled in their neighborhood rewards program. All you need to do is the following:

1)       I will give you a gift card

2)       When you shop at Kroger, instead of paying at the register, put your money on the card prior to shopping

3)       Use the card to pay for your purchases Ė If you do not spend what you put on the card, you use it next time you shop or if you didnít put enough on the card just pay the remainder with your normal method

4)       Re-use the card over and over. Do not discard it.

5)       Monroe Football gets 4% of all money spent

Reminder Ė It doesnít cost you anything. The only downfall is that you have to go to the service counter and put your money on the card, but that small step is worth helping our fine football program --- Isnít it????

I will start passing cards out today. If you will not use it, please give it back to me and I will give it to someone else.

If you want one please e-mail me and Iíll get you one

Thank You for all of your support. Jason Krause

This may answer some questions that you may have.

1. Take this card with you when you shop at Kroger and reload the card

with additional value. Here is how:

. You may reload your card with any amount up to $250.

. You may pay for your reloaded card with cash, check or major

credit card.

. You will reload your card right at the register when you are

ready to check out. You must reload your card before the

cashier starts to ring up your items. So your first transaction

will be to reload the card with whatever dollar amount you

wish. You will pay for this transaction. Second transaction .

the cashier will then ring your items and you can use the

reloaded card to pay for your purchases.

. The balance on your card will show at the bottom of your receipt.

You may also obtain your balance by calling 866-822-6252,

located on the back of the card or at

2. You keep the same card and reload, or add value to, your card when

needed. You can purchase any merchandise in a Kroger store with the

exception of fuel and services. Services include Money Orders, Western

Union, Lottery Tickets, Stamps and Ticket Master.

3. You may use your Kroger Plus card along with the Gift Card.

4. The card must maintain a minimum of $1.00. Any card with a zero balance for 90 days will become inactive.

Thank you again for supporting Monroe Football,

Jason Krause


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