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Collins reported to Whitman
Monday, June 23, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
According to the City Charter, the City Finance Director reports to the City Manager.

Dave Collins, former Finance Director reported to Donald Whitman, City Manager on all financial matters concerning the city of Monroe.

The city manager is mandated to inform city council of all financial issues. The city finance committee consisted of employees of the city and a member of council, Richard Kremer.

The Mayor of Monroe, according to council procedures, has the duty to review city finances only upon request of the City Manager. If there are no financial concerns brought to the Mayor's attention, the mayor has no duty to investigate or peruse the city finances.

Council was unaware of Monroe's impending financial crisis until March of 2003. According to the City of Monroe 2001 City Financial Report, the city overspent revenues by nearly $2m. (The financial report for 2002 is not yet available).

Questions all Residents should consider:
1. Why was City Council in the dark about city finances?
2. Why did Robert Youtsler accuse the Mayor of being negligent in his duties when the city charter clearly states that the Mayor is to review finances only upon the request of the City Manager? Why didn't he point his finger at Whitman or Collins?
3. Why was the city charter changed from having the City Finance Director report directly to City Council to reporting to the City Manager?
4. What was the motivation for paying general fund bills from non-general funds?
5. How are we going to restructure the city finances to keep the city solvent?

Story developing....
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