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Concerned Citizen Speaks out for Police
Friday, May 9, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
First of all I would like to educate you about the city's police department. There are 19 full time officers, 6 of those 19 consist of the Chief, Captain and 4 Sgts. 2 full time detectives and one officer for the school. Now lets see, that would equal 10 patrol officers. Now if you take 10 officers and spread them out over a 7 day work period, with three shifts, 24 hours a day, none of these officers would have a day off and many would be working double or triple shifts. The police department also has about 6 or 7 part time officers that work 40 hours a week at their regular job and work at the police department on their off hours. Out of those 6 or 7 only about 4 of those officers work the road, 2 work detectives part time, one does administration work and others are so pressed on their other jobs they dont have time to work for the police dept. Now also take in to consideration, vacation time, but cops dont like to take vacations. Also, sick time, cause cops or their family members never get sick. Now how many cops would you have working our streets. On many nights there are only 3 officers working the streets, and very few nights there are 4. And if you have ever listened to the police scanner you would know that there are some days and nights they could use 10 officers. The nights when only 3 are working and something like a crash happens it usually ties up 2 of those 3 officers. The other officer might be tied up with a prisoner or another serious call. Now try explaining to the mother of a 10 year old little girl who just got raped, sorry we dont have any officers availabe to send to you... How would you like it if it
were your daughter?? Or telling the little old lady that called 911 to
report someone breaking into her house, sorry there are no officers to take your call....In some cities, like our neighbors Middletown and Hamilton, if you call the police it may take hours for an officer to respond to you. Our police department has a bunch of good, dedicated officers who risk their lives every day so that we may go on living our lives free of crime and criminals. GOD forbid one of them gets killed, you people would look at it like, that's one way to save money in the city. If you really want to know how the city can save money, pay attention in the news papers when the city buys all this land around town to build parks. Hey, thats an idea, lay off the police department and let's call the parks for our emergencies! Go to the council meetings and find out what they are spending money on. The gold eagle doesnt fly very well in storage! I'll bet most of the people that have commented on this topic are people that have not lived in the city very long. You have probably come from larger cities and moved here because of location for work or wanted that little town scene. Well lets face it people, Monroe is not the small little town is used to be. About 16 sqaure miles and a growing population is what our police department patrols and is responsible for calls of service. And if you are looking for the crime rate in Monroe, you wont find it in the newspapers, for political reasons I'm sure. Go to the police department and ask a police officer how the crime rate is and how many calls they have answered today, I'll bet you will be surpised. Yeah, and do well really need all those police cars? NAH... .lets make them walk to our emergency calls. One more thing, the city has not bought one cruiser for the police in the last 9 years or so. Lemon Township Trustees have bought them as per the contract when their police department folded years ago. Wonder if that was a result of a budget crunch???? Hmmmm... Also think about how the crime rate would be if we didn't have as many police officers on the street. Just being out there visible, I wonder how much crime an officer deters????

Posted By: Concerned Citizen
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