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Concerned Citizens Group Address Monroe City Council on Monroe Crossings Development
Tuesday, September 10, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
On Sunday, September 8th the 'Concerned Citizens for a Better Monroe' group met with city officials in the Community center at the city building. Several people were present including the Mayor (Mike Morris) and the Monroe School Superintendent (Arnol Elam) as well as several prominent Monroe residents and at least 2 school board members.

Tonight, Concerned Citizens for a Better Monroe spokesperson, Tim Haller addressed the city council with 80+ local residents present. Below is an overview of the issues raised at tonight's meeting:


Concerned Citizens for a Better Monroe
Informational Meeting on Proposed West End Development
September 8, 2002, 7 p.m., City Building Community Room
Concerned Citizens’ Spokesman & Meeting Facilitator: Tim Haller,, 539-4542

• 01/12/95—500-acre parcel on southeast corner of SR 63 & SR 4 annexed from Lemon Township to Monroe
• 03/28/95—City Council approves rezoning parcel to current zoning configuration per Ordinance 95-04
• 2000-02—Developer Harry Thomas buys property & requests rezoning to build 1500 family units
(750 single family, 750 multi-family) selecting the Brisben Companies to build and manage at least the first 250 multi-family units. Brisben plans on using tax-exempt bond programs to finance the project.

Current Situation
• Phase I Completed—Planning Commission has recommended approval of the rezoning plan to City Council
• 08/13/02—Phase II Initiated—City Council conducted first reading of rezoning Ordinance 2002-22
• 08/26/02—Concerned Citizens group attends School Board meeting
o Board not aware of magnitude or timing of the development; plans to attend Council 8/27
• 08/27/02—Concerned Citizens and School Board attend Council Meeting
o Citizens group raises concerns over Planning Commission Phase I procedural non-compliances
 Code 1228.07A requires Commission to notify adjacent property owners of public hearing
 Code 1272.03B requires Commission to certify “no adverse affect” on adjacent properties
 Code 1272.06F1C requires Commission to consider “excessive burden on schools…”
o School Board Superintendent requests time to assess impact of proposal on school district

Concerned Citizens Vision for a Better Monroe

Development Actions We Support
• Single family housing
• Growth commensurate with School, Fire,
and Police plans (capacity/timing)

Developer’s Proposal—Monroe Crossings
• 1500 family units—750 multi-family
• 250 multi-family units completed 2003
• Expand R5 multi-family to over 90 acres
• 750 single family homes 302 acres (0.4/home)

Development Actions We Oppose
• Additional apartments or townhouses
• Housing construction via tax credits
or other subsidization methods

Concerned Citizens’ Preference—Monroe Crossings
• 500 single family units—zero multi-family units
• No construction completed until new school is open
• Limit R5 multi-family to existing acreage
• 500 single family homes on 500 acres (1/home)

Concerns with Existing West End Development Proposal
• Impact on School District
o School Board needs time to make its own impact assessment
 Current enrollment approximately 1400—new school capacity is 2000-2200 students
o Councilman Campbell’s office projects between 1.15 and 1.65 school age children per household
 At 1400 family units, this correlates to 1600 to 2300 additional students
 At 500 family units, this correlates to 575 to 825 additional students
o Concerned Citizens recommendations
 Council should not approve any rezoning plan or building permits which will cause the capacity of the new school to be exceeded or supports completion of construction in advance of capacity being created as determined by the School Board.
 If the current capacity of 2000-2200 is expected to be exceeded as a result of the rezoning proposal, School Board needs to present the citizens a plan on how much additional capacity will be needed, when, and how it will be financed.

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Concerns with Existing West End Development Proposal (Continued)
• Impact on Police and Fire Services
o Current proposal is for 1500 family units; US Census data average per family household is 3.24
 This correlates to approximately 5000 more residents for this development alone
 Year 2000 Monroe population was 7100—this development could nearly double the population
 If the Commission has a different projection, it should present it to the citizens
o Concerned Citizens recommendations
 Council needs to present to the citizens its plan on expected property tax revenue from this development as it is currently proposed and the corresponding growth in Police and Fire services required. Plan must address if additional taxes will cover required service growth.
 Council should not approve any rezoning plan or building permits until the Police and Fire growth plan is presented to the citizens.
• Impact on Adjacent Residential Properties
o Zoning code section 1272.03B requires Commission to verify “no adverse affect” on adjacent properties that will occur as a result of a PUD zoning approval
o Concerned Citizens recommendations
 Commission needs to complete a study to determine any potential adverse affect on adjacent properties, including potential property devaluation, which may arise out of the proposed PUD agreement with Brisben Companies to build multi-family units on current C-3 zoned property and, in specific, if the multi-family units are built with tax exempt bond sources.
 Commission needs to present the study results to the affected property owners with contingencies identified to mitigate potential property devaluation or other adverse affect.
 Council should not approve any rezoning plan or building permits until Commission has verified “no adverse impact” on adjacent properties, or adjacent property owners have reached agreement with the developer, builder, and City on mitigation plans for potential property devaluation or other adverse affects.

Options Available to Concerned Citizens
• Persuade Council to delay rezoning vote until all above concerns have been adequately addressed as determined by the School Board and the Concerned Citizens Group
o If Council agrees to postpone rezoning vote, Concerned Citizens will seek to negotiate with the developer, and in conjunction with the Commission, an alternate West End Development Proposal representing a compromise between the Developer’s proposal and Concerned Citizens preferences.
• If Council approves rezoning as proposed, Concerned Citizens will file for a referendum to bring rezoning ordinance to a public vote.
o Developer would be compelled to wait for vote or to build under existing zoning.
o Multi-family construction would be restricted to units on the Hankins Road and SR 4 parcel, but not the SR 63 and SR 4 parcel.
• Legal options also currently under study due to zoning code non-compliances during Phase I.
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