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Congratulations 3rd Grade Wee Hornets
Monday, November 12, 2007 9:15:43 AM - Monroe Ohio
Monroe Wee Hornets

by slapshot

As a coach of the 3rd grade team, I would like to congratulate all 18 of the boys that played in the Franklin Bowl. They played 2 all star teams in Dayton-Wayne, and also Franklin and came out victorious in both games to win 1st place in the Franklin Bowl. They won 6-0 on Saturday against Wayne, and in the championship game against Franklin today, they won 13-0 in a torrential downpour. Franklin only had 2 first downs the entire game and didn't enter into Hornet Territory all day.

The offensive line played fantastic all weekend. I know the entire coaching staff and all the parents are proud of all 18 kids. They all did a great job playing. You boys played your best football of the year this weekend. Congratulations!!!!!

When I was almost home the 4th grade just started their game since it was delayed to lightning. Please give us an update on how 4th grade did in the championship. 6th grade is also in the championship game later tonight.

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