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Council Agenda Summary for December 6, 2011
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 9:05:13 AM - Monroe Ohio

By John Beagle

Agenda Summary:

Forest Green Likely New Trash Vendor
At tonight's 6:30 PM council meeting there will be a second and binding vote a new trash vendor, Resolution No. 61-2011, Forest Green over current vendor Rumpke. There had been a heated discussion at the past council meeting of November the 22nd regarding the quality of the service being offered by Forrest Green. Wendell Shelton, GM of Forest Green asked where Councilman Kelley was getting his facts and Mr. Kelley responded that his comments were from an internet search of Forest Green.

We are likely to have a new trash vendor by tonight, since this is the second reading. However the city manager anticipates that Forest Green and Rumpke representatives will likely both be in attendance. 

Brinkman likely gets Turf Job
The next item is for turf maintenance at three cemeteries, second reading. Brinkman is the lowest bidder who also did a good job last year with the same contract.

HSA for City Employees
The HSA is similar to the HRA, but will allow the employee to roll unused money from one year to the next.

According to City Manager Bill Brock, representatives from Finance, Planning and Development, and Public Works have indicated that they would support the change to the alternate plan design utilizing an HSA if either their money or the City’s portion could be made available at the beginning of the year.

Representatives from Fire and Police would like to stay with the current plan and the higher costs to City and Employee, but would like the City to make budget available to continue the City’s contribution to the deductible.

Donations for Uniforms
Council will be asked to accept donations received from donors to be directed toward EMS Services and for the purchase of uniforms for the Police Honor Guard. The Monroe Area Community Foundation donated $2500 for Honor Guard Uniforms. Also John and Ann Donaldson and Reed and Marilyn Banks donated money for EMS Services Uniforms.

Council Member to be Chosen for OKI Board
The term of our representative to the OKI regional council of governments expires at the end of this year. Council is required to appoint one of its members to the board. Mrs. Rubin has been our most recent representative.

OKI controls much of the Federal Transportation Funds that are allotted to the area. Over 100 members serve on the Board of Directors, which is the governing body of the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments. The Board brings together leaders from government, business and civic institutions. Board members represent local government, planning commissions, chambers of commerce, public transit authorities, state departments of transportation and environmental organizations. The Board’s organizational strength and vision enables the Council to effectively address regional transportation, environmental and economic issues. Through ongoing collaboration, facilitated by the Board of Trustees, a wide range of agendas, priorities and solutions are focused into a viable plan of action that generates measurable results. The Board of Directors meets every second Thursday of the month at 10:30 am.

Source: Bill Brock Notes to Council


Full Agenda:

Monroe Council Agenda
Regular Meeting of Council
December 6, 2011 – 6:30 pm
233 South Main Street, Monroe, Ohio

Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Approval of the Minutes – Public Safety Committee Minutes of November 15, 2011; Finance Committee Minutes of November 22, 2011; and Council Minutes of November 22, 2011.
Committee Reports
Public Works Committee
Finance Committee
Administrative Liaison Committee
Technology Committee
Public Involvement Committee
Public Safety Committee
Old Business
Resolution No. 61-2011. A Resolution authorizing and directing the City Manager to enter into a contract with Forest Green as the lowest and/or best bidder for the collection and disposal of certain solid waste materials and curbside recycling program within the corporate limits of the City of Monroe. (Second Reading)
Resolution No. 62-2011. A Resolution authorizing and directing the City Manager to enter into an agreement with the lowest and/or best bidder for the turf maintenance of the Mound, North Monroe, and Amanda Cemeteries. (Second Reading)
New Business
Emergency Resolution No. 64-2011. A Resolution authorizing the City Manager to implement a Health Savings Account for calendar year 2012 and declaring an emergency.
Emergency Resolution No. 65-2011. A Resolution accepting donations for EMS services and Honor Guard Uniforms, and declaring an emergency.
Consideration of Motion appointing a member of Council as the City of Monroe’s representative on the Board of Directors of the OKI Regional Council of Governments.
Administrative Report

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