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Darlene Bishop Home
Friday, January 18, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Rev. Darlene Bishop of Solid Rock Church calls this one of her "greatest accomplishments". The church is having a home built for unwed, pregnant teen-agers. This home will be called the Darlene Biship Home. Understanding why this is home is so important to Rev. Darlene Bishop isn‘t easy unless you look into her past.
When Darlene‘s mother, Eleanor, was pregnant with Darlene‘s brother, she was in labor for seven days. After having him, the doctor told her that having another child could kill her. When Eleanor became pregnant with Darlene she decided to have an abortion. On the way to the abortion clinic she turned to her husband and said "take me back home, I want to have this baby."
The home is being funded by public and private donations, construction costs are estimated at $1 million. Costs to operate the facility will be about $500,000 a year. The home is to be built beside the church‘s Lawrence Bishop Family Center and southwest of the church‘s driveway. It will be capable of serving 32 pregnant woman. It will offer prenatal care and counseling; parenting, financial, home ecomics and job placement lessons.
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