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Dayton Technologies to Expand in Monroe
Friday, February 6, 2004 10:10:07 AM - Monroe Ohio
35-45 new jobs in the next 5 years will be created in Monroe's Dayton Technologies after the closing of the Wilmington, Delaware plant. Work will be shifted to the Monroe plant according to Neal Pemberton of Dayton Technologies.

Additional warehouse space will be constructed in the former Wicks Lumber yard. (See Press Release below for additional information)

Press release

Deceuninck North America to close Wilmington Plant (Delaware, US)

Monroe, OH January 30, 2004. – Group Deceuninck, a worldwide leading manufacturer of PVC window systems and profiles for the construction industry, announces that its U.S. subsidiary Deceuninck North America will be closing its Wilmington plant (Delaware, US). This decision is part of the consolidation of extrusion sites following the acquisition of Vinyl Building Products (VBP) in July of 2003.

The combination of Dayton Technologies, a Deceuninck acquisition in 1997, and VBP resulted in plant locations in Ohio, New Jersey, Delaware and Arkansas with Wilmington as the smallest facility, employing 34 workers. Employees will have employment opportunities at the Ohio and New Jersey facilities. The closing is expected to be completed within the next two months.

Michael Hutfless, the COO of Deceuninck North America, said the decision to consolidate operations is based on the higher efficiencies of the larger plants. “Today’s competitive climate demands the most efficient structure and we are positioning our company to compete in the global market”, notes Hutfless. “We anticipate minimal or no disruption of deliveries during this transition period”, adds Hutfless. “Being a production relocation, this closure will not involve any loss of sales for Deceuninck North America”, adds Hutfless.

Deceuninck North America, Inc. is part of the Deceuninck Group, an integrated global organization, specializing in compounding, design, development, extrusion, finishing, recycling and injection-molding of PVC systems and profiles for the building industry. The company is active in more than 32 countries, has 22 subsidiaries (production and/or sales) and is supported by 2700 personnel, of which more than 600 are in North America. In 2003 the Deceuninck Group achieved consolidated sales of 469 million Euro (including 6 months consolidation of the Thyssen Polymer Group).
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