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Dead Zones -Police and Firefighters at Risk!
Wednesday, July 9, 2003 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
On the night of August 14, 1997, Monroe firefighters battled a 10-alarm fire for four hours. Heavy black smoke could be seen for 10 miles and before the flames were extinguished, the facility was nearly destroyed.

Photo: 1997 Worthing Steel Plant after the fire. The loading and storage area was completely damaged by fire. Although the plant was nearly gutted, no one was hurt or killed.

Adding to the difficulty, Monroe Fire and Police could not talk to the dispatchers at HQ. The Mobile communications system in use at the city has many 'dead zones,' Worthington Steel is one of those zones.

"There is no way to talk to the dispatcher," according to Earnest Howard, Police Chief. "We found our biggest problems at Kroger's at Engle's Corner, Worthington Steel area, Dayton Technologies and the LeSourdsville area."

Fire Chief Neu and Police Chief Howard have been working with Motorola representatives recently regarding these 'dead zones'.
"Representatives from Motorola came to our city from Chicago to perform tests. Problems are created by Cell phones. There is too much ambient noise being created by the Cell phones. Our system needs upgrading including devices called repeaters." Earnest Howard

Employees from the fire department assisted in the tests. Our people feel 'pretty comfortable with that (new system)." Fire Chief Neu

"There are 15 repeaters in the quote from the city," according to Steven Campbell. Not enough for every police an fire vehicle, so we will have to choose which vehicles get the repeaters.

This issue will be discussed at subsequent Council Meetings. What is your opinion? Post your thoughts on the Voice.
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