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District Information Technology Advisory Committee (DITAC) Formed
Thursday, February 1, 2001 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
The purpose of the committee is to continually review the districtís current technology, the trends in technology, recommendations and requests from building information technology committees. It will then formalize the final recommendations that the District Technology Coordinator makes to the Superintendent.

Members of the DITAC for the 2000-2001 are as follows:

Mr. Arnol Elam Superintendent
Mrs. Patti Shull Elementary Principal
Mrs. Brenda Ghem Elementary Teacher/Tech Rep
Mr. Scott Decker Elementary Teacher/Tech Rep
Mr. Robert Amodio Jr./Sr. High School Principal
Mr. Rocky Day Jr./Sr. High School Teacher/Tech Rep
Mr. John Phillips Jr./Sr. High School Teacher/Tech Rep
Mr. Thomas Burklow Jr./Sr. High School Teacher
Mrs. Cheryl Shular Jr./Sr. High School Teacher
Mrs. Susan Rubin Community Representative
Mr. Kevin Ledford Community Representative
Mr. John Beagle Business/Advisory Representative
Mr. Craig Hessin Business/Advisory Representative
Mr. Bill Brock Assistant City Manager-Monroe
Mr. Andrew Kuntz Jr./Sr. High Student
Mr. Bill Hyatt District Technology Coordinator
Mr. Steven Campbell Director of Facilities and Operations
Dr. Sue Korn Wilson Curriculum Director

Meetings are currently at 5pm on Wednesdays at the High School Media Center. The current effort of DITAC is to complete the District Technology Plan. Members of the Monroe community are invited to attend.
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