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Double Decker!
Thursday, March 14, 2002 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
Many of you have seen the Making a Difference awards in the newspaper honoring Monroe Elementary students who “make a difference” with their attitude and behavior at school. would like to recognize our teachers who also “make a difference” with our children by going that extra mile to help them get a quality education and provide a great atmosphere for learning. Our first Making a Difference award goes to Scott Decker. Scott has been a fifth grade teacher at Monroe Elementary for five years. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Kentucky (and is a BIG Wildcat fan). His teaching certificate is from Miami University and he has a master’s degree in teacher leadership from Miami also. He is currently working on a Principalship and Assistant Superintendent certification that will be completed in August 2002. (look out Arnie!) He lists many exciting things that are going on at Monroe Elementary including team teaching, spring camping trip to Camp Campbell Gard, attending the zoo on a field trip and the new fifth grade school store.
The fifth grade camping trip has been an annual event since he has been at Monroe. This year it will be May 6-8th. There will be an informational meeting for the parents before the trip. The fundraiser this year is a basket raffle. There will be a Sports basket, Automotive basket, Planters basket, Kitchen Homemaker basket and Games basket. Buy raffle tickets from any fifth grader. The fundraiser enables students to earn the money to pay for camp so the parents won’t have to pay the entire bill (way to go, fund raiser!!)
The fifth grade school store is a new opportunity for fifth graders this year. Students earn a dollar a day credit for each day they have all their assignments done and their behavior meets the requirements. They lose a dollar a day when they don’t achieve these goals. Students keep track of their account and at the end of every other month can write a check and purchase items at the Hornet Store. All items are donated by teachers and parents. Students learn a little bit about accounting and money management as well as get rewarded for their hard work.
Mr. Decker’s enthusiastic attitude as well as his infectious smile and laugh keep staff and students on their toes and smiling AND learning!! Congratulations Mr. Decker!!
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