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Elevated Storage Tanks at Rt 63 and Main Street
Monday, March 26, 2012 1:53:58 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Bill Brock, Monroe City Manager

City staff has been working with the owners of the property at the north east corner of SR63 and Main Street to come to an agreement on the purchase of land for the installation of a new elevated storage tank. The property was one of several sites assessed for the location of the tank required under EPA standards which dictates the amount of storage needed in a water system. Of the properties assessed, this site and the property to the south of North Monroe Cemetery were of most interest to be pursued by the committee reviewing the study. The property south of the cemetery is tied up in trust and at a cost that was not feasible to the project.

The purchase agreement proposed is well under estimated project costs for acquisition costs and will be the most attractive site when looking at the elevation of the property. Please take note of the portion of the agreement that allows for the placement of the future subdivision name on the tank. This was always part of negotiations with the property owners, even when we were negotiating with Hemmer, who had planned to develop the property industrially. The current owner, 5/3 bank was previously asking $75k/acre for the site and with negotiation and this caveat for allowing them to utilized 1/3 of the tank surface area for subdivision identification. We currently have bond funds available to build the tank and if Council approves this agreement, we will move forward with previously approved design drawings for the project.

Full: Real Estate Contract

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