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E-Mail Fraud Alert!!!
Wednesday, November 12, 2003 9:05:27 AM - Monroe Ohio
CSN1 Technologies, a local business in Middletown, Ohio has uncovered another email scam.

Here is the SCAM email: (Note- do not reply to this)

-------------------Email Begin--------------
From: John Massaquoi []
Sent: Wednesday, November 12, 2003 8:39 AM
To: CSN1 Technologies
Subject: Business Assistance



Dear Sir,
PROPOSAL FOR THE RE MANAGE OF US$7.5 MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS. I take liberty to introduce my humble self to you and permit me to write you. I am MR.JOHN MASSAQUOI the son of Late Liberia Sports Minister Francois Massaquoi, who was killed, while in office in 2001. After these, the Charles Taylor control government provided the family with security. Presently the United Nations Security council and the United States government, asked the Liberian Head of State {Charles Taylor} and members of his cabinet to go on exile,during the tenure of Late Francois Massaquoi,(my Father) he enriched and accumulated a lot of money while in office, but unfortunately for him he died. This money was lodged in different banks abroad in America, Canada,Europe and Africa. Etc. However,my family is not too comfortable with any in coming government as my Late Father was very close to Charles Taylor, on this backdrop any succeeding government might decide to Froze most of my father's Accounts and can so far recall these money back to the country, with exception of the money deposited in a SECURITY COMPANY which I will disclose to you when we have both esablished a mutual trust. And due to the sanction placed on my family by the International community I can not reach this money nor withdraw it to Liberia for use.Thus this is where your assistance would be needed.Otherwise, we have jointly decided within the family to relocate these funds outside Liberia for investment. This is the only way and means we can utilize this money wisely. Consequently, we beg for your assistance in investing this money Purchase factory(s), Estate and any other viable venture you might suggest.I believe as a trustworthy and reliable person,you will not disappoint us,we have also agreed to give you 20% of the total amount as your share in this transaction, at the end of the day.Finally, I require the following information to facilitate and normalize the documentation with the Security Company.
(a) Your complete name
(b) Your Telephone/Fax Numbers
Again, all arrangement and logistics of this
transaction are in place and we shall remain grateful. looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in anticipations. Best regards, MR.JOHN MASSAQUOI NOTE contact me on my email address below: N/B:PLEASE FOR CONFIRMATION CHECK THIS WEB.SITE(
---------End of Email-----------

Criminals purporting to be relatives of African dictators have been circulating Spam e-mails since the late 90’s. These e-mails target companies and individuals. The message is basically the same: The sender claims to be a relative of an African dictator who has acquired wealth illegally and due to security reasons the relative wants to take the wealth out of the country. Normally, they request that the receivers of these e-mails provide to them their personal information such as “(a) Your complete name, (b) Your Telephone/Fax Numbers” and banking coordinates, so that millions of dollars will be transferred into the receivers’ accounts. In return, the senders claim that the e-mail recipients would receive as much as 30% of the amount transferred.

Since the late 90s, The Perspective has received this type of e-mails from individuals who claimed to be relatives of Mobutu, Abacha, Savimbi, etc. Now, it appears that Liberians have joined this criminal scheme.

Recently, e-mails supposedly from Chucky Taylor and another person by the name of "John Massaquoi", who claims to be the son of the late Francois Massaquoi were brought to our attention. In order to make this fraud scheme appear credible, the so-called John Massaquoi referenced an article that The Perspective published when Francois Massaquoi died (

In view of the above, the management of The Perspective would like to alert our readers and those who may receive such e-mails that The Perspective is in no way, shape or form, associated with, nor connected to this scam. We, therefore, urge our readers and those who may fall prey to this criminal activity not to reveal their personal information to these criminals.

The Management of The Perspective

Note: Below are the SCAM e-mail addresses used by this “John Massaquoi”: , ,,,,
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