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Facility Feasibility Study Forum Scheduled
Thursday, December 7, 2000 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
12/07/00 - December 12, Monroe Local Schools will hold a public meeting to discuss the results of a district wide feasibility study on facilities.  The study is held to examine what Monroe needs to address in its buildings to prepare for anticipated growth. Arnol Elam, superintendent, is meeting with with architects Steed-Hammond-Paul, the Hamilton firm conducting the study, before holding the public session.

Elam stated that he wants the community to be involved, hence the public meeting, so they can voice their opinion on what should be done for future renovations. The architects are expected to give projections of possible future growth and current status of the district‘s buildings.

As of right now Monroe Schools are not over crowded, according to Board President Jamie Pierce, but they are at full capacity.  The district has some 1500 students, 600 of which are elementary who are in place designed to hold no more than 375.  Elam states that one of the immediate needs is an Elementary additon or new building also to find out the conditions of the High School.

The public forum will be held at 7pm Dec. 12 in the high school media center.

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