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Finke's Monroe IGA replacing Jubliee
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 10:11:45 AM - Monroe Ohio

by John Beagle

Jubliee Grocery will be changing ownership and name to Finke's Monroe IGA. Tonight, Monroe City Council is taking emergency action on Resolution No. 46-2008, authorizing the changes.

Finke's had a location in Pleasant Ridge near Cincinnnati in 1999. Here is the only press coverage on Finke's supermarket.

“People come in for all the stuff they forgot to buy yesterday ... bread crumbs, brown-and-serve rolls, pop, snacks,” said Ken Finke, store manager of Finkes IGA in Pleasant Ridge (Enquirer Article,1999).

        “Yeah, a few people buy turkeys (on Thanksgiving Day),” Mr. Finke said. “A few years ago we had a woman come in at 2 p.m. and buy a 20-pound frozen turkey. I mean that thing was frozen solid as a rock. She asked how long it would be before it'd be ready for dinner. I told her she wouldn't be eating that turkey any time today.”

The name Finke's has caught the attention of more than one person in Monroe. That's because Monroe has a band with a similar name. Here is what Steve Black, (Dr. Fink) had to say about the new name, "Finke's? Na uh?! SERIOUSLY?!? How cool is THAT?! "

Local residents comments regarding the change to Monroe IGA:

"Sorry to see you all so happy about this. This is a great family and great family to work for. I hope something can be done to keep them here, not only for my job, but for the family value they stand behind. You'll never get the service anywhere else that you get there!!!!" Lynn Kaiser

"We have to remember that Jubilee came here when no one else would. Of course, it's more prestigious to have a Kroger." Bob Bretland

"I personally prefer Jubilee's deli over Kroger. The prices are much lower and quality of the meat is much better. Also, we love their mixed pickles (which I cannot find at Kroger). I just hope the new IGA is cleaner than the old one. The only thing I really remember about the old IGA is how filthy & dirty it was! Maybe it was just needed newer floors and it was an old building, I don't know." HornetMom33

Voice Discussion: So long Jubliee, Hello Finke's 

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