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First 100 Days of being Superintendent
Tuesday, February 5, 2008 12:48:25 PM - Monroe Ohio

Photo: Superintendent Libbie Lolli and School Board President Tom Leeds

by Libbie Lolli

It is with great happiness that I return to southwestern Ohio and to the superintendency at Monroe.  Monroe offers an exciting opportunity for children.  The schools are growing at a steady pace. 

The performance has improved dramatically since the district was formed

The most pressing issue facing the district in the next year is the rapid growth and need for an additional building.  The education of students will continue, but sizes of classrooms and overcrowded halls and cafeteria space will be negative influences on the daily operations  of the schools. 

Initially, for me, it is important to secure passage of Issue #10 in March.  After successful passage of the issue, attention must be focused on the actual building process.  However, the educational programs must also continue to improve.  The fine arts program, the gifted/AP programs, the literacy and math curriculums, as well as the total organizational structure of a growing district must be reviewed and refined. We will continue to focus our attention on what is right for the children of Monroe with high quality academics and extracurriculars as well as through fiscally sound management.

 Because the community values education, it has always been supportive of the schools. 

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