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Frazier-Delay of School Board "Unacceptable"
Tuesday, March 14, 2000 12:00:00 AM - Monroe Ohio
At the last meeting of the Middletown/Monroe School Board a good part of the meeting was spent discussing the various details which need to be attended to in the deconsolidation of the school district. Many of these problems cannot be resolved without an official school board for the new Monroe Local Schools. Two members of the Butler County School Board, Mary Pritchard and Katy Kern, traveled to Columbus on March 7, Election Day, to attend the Ohio State School Board meeting and request that an acting school board for the Monroe Local School district be appointed immediately so that the communities may move ahead with the huge jobs ahead of them in forming two separate districts. Their trip was in vain as the State School Board never allowed them to speak at their meeting. At the recent Middletown/Monroe School Board meeting Dr. Frazer stated that he sent a letter to the State School Board requesting that they appoint the new school board at their next (April 10) meeting in the interests of Monroe and Middletown. He stated that to delay this appointment is "unacceptable". Previously, the State School Board delayed the decision about allowing Monroe to split from the Middletown/Monroe Schools for months and months and the prospect of losing 30 days of working time every time the board might delay the appointments is a disturbing possibility as the June 30 deadline draws nearer
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