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Goundswelling Support for Local Tax Issue
Monday, November 14, 2005 1:51:51 PM - Monroe Ohio

Here are some posts from prominant city figures on this issue.

There are already people working on a tax issue for Febuary.

We have many options to choose from. The .5% was projected to be enough to keep us from requesting an increase in that for many years. I would like to believe that it would not have to be increased again. A sunset tax (one that goes away after a short period of time) provides emergency support now but can cause even greater problems when it stops if our tax base is not large enough to support the city operations. .25% would help but we would still have less that average numbers of police and fire personell.

Right now we have a bid for a new fire truck, being in the heavy truck business I have looked at our current fleet and can tell you some of our equipment is running on borrowed time. We need a new fire truck, without a confirmed tax passed, I can not support the purchase of this truck even knowing how badly we need it. Supporting that purchase makes me as bad as the people who put the city in financial disaster by spending money we did not have. The end of year budgets are coming and all of the departments are again requesting personell to maintain minimun standards, how can I support that without a means to pay them. Every home built spreads your protection and level of service thinner and thinner. People say "just stop the builders" and while that seems logicial its not legal. We may be able to slow them down a little but we can't stop them. To everyone that voted to support the city thank you, if you want to help find someone who did not support the city and find out why and let me know or try to swing them. Without some hands on support from the community we will never pass anything.

Bob Kelley
Monroe City Councilman

... We all are upset about the financial issues in the past, but it is in the past. If you keep looking backward, you will never look forward.

Two years ago, the citizens replaced all the Council members running for office. Mr. Kelley, Ms. Stillman and Mr. Birch were elected (Ms. Rubin was appointed) and a new City Manager was hired.

In my opinion, these folks have helped return fiscal responsibility to the Council, In fact, I believe Ms. Stillman is chair of the Finance committee.

These folks want to help Monroe. Without the levy being passed, they are going to have to look at reductions in services, new fees/assessments or other unfavorable solutions.

I know that these council members want Monroe to be the best and they will work toward that end. Do not criticize them but offer suggestions or help if you can. You also need to attend Council meetings, read the council meeting minutes online and be involved. You seem like you have your mind made up on these issues but I ask that you give the Council a chance and work with them to get a more complete picture of the city financial status.


Bob Bretland
Candidate in 2005 City Council Election

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