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Governor Energy Advisor Speaks in Monroe Council Chambers
Friday, March 28, 2008 12:03:57 PM - Monroe Ohio

by John Beagle

Mike Shanahan, was introduced by Brewster Roads  as 'almost' a member governors cabinet. But indeed Mike Shanahan has the governors ear when it comes to energy policy. He is Ted Strickland's Energy adviser.

He was in Monroe to tout a $1.7 Billion spending package that he said could generate 80,000 jobs for Ohioans. A spending package that if approved by Ohio congress, the governor will not be allowed to sign.

According to Ohio Representative Gary Cates, who was also present, said that this policy will require a constitutional amendment if the Ohio Congress and the voters in Ohio approve the spending in November, 2008.

Spending could start as soon as the spring of 2009.

Photo: Mayor Robert Routsen Welcomes the Governors Office

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Mark Shanahan from Governors Office

Governor Strickland Proposes Major Jobs Plan in 2008 State of the State Address
Through issuing bonds, the plan will invest:

• $250 million in the advanced and renewable energy economy, including solar, wind and clean coal.

• $150 million in our state’s infrastructure to help create a seamless network of roads, rails, and ports to support our logistics and distribution industry.

• $100 million in bioproducts that use renewable sources instead of petroleum to create plastics and other products.

• $200 million in the biomedical industry, saving lives by fueling Ohio’s leadership in new medical products.

• $200 million establishing the Ohio Main Streets Renewal Initiative to spur redevelopment in downtown neighborhoods in our cities and towns.

• $400 million in the Clean Ohio fund, to advance our efforts to reclaim brownfields and other damaged lands and preserve farm land and open spaces.

• $400 million in the Ohio Public Works Commission to help our local partners with road, bridge, water and sewer projects. These are projects that spur growth in our cities and towns and Ohio as a whole.

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