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GreatSchools: AP tests offered at Monroe High School
Tuesday, April 29, 2008 2:55:47 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Lisa Rosenthal, Great Schools

Welcome to My School Stats for Monroe High School. This month we’re looking at the most recent Advanced Placement (AP) tests at Monroe High School, and what they mean for your high school student and your school.

Students typically take AP tests in May, after completing the AP course at their high school. Some students take AP courses online. Spring is a good time to think about signing up for AP courses for the next school year. To learn more, read about AP exams and have your student discuss his AP options with the AP Coordinator at his school.

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Lisa Rosenthal
Assistant Managing Editor, GreatSchools

See AP Tests given at Monroe High School

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Many schools offer college-level AP classes to prepare students for the AP exams, but students can take exams without completing a specific course. The AP exams listed on GreatSchools profiles indicate that at least one student at the school took the exam in that subject.

Source: Information about AP tests on comes from the College Board. If no AP test information is displayed on your school's profile, it most likely means the College Board did not provide the information for your school.

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