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Halloween Tips from Chief of Police Gregory Homer
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 12:04:42 PM - Monroe Ohio

by Gregory C. Homer, Monroe Chief of Police

Halloween is tonight already! Got to hurry to the store. Got to buy candy to give out. Got to pick out costumes for the kids. Got to decorate the house and yard, and buy a scary music CD.

STOPÖ let us review our "GOT-TO-DO s".

Treats to buy & give out: When at the store picking out candy to give out, remember individually wrapped candy or treats only. It is unfortunate but the days of giving out apples, and homemade cookies or popcorn-balls are over. If it is something you would not allow your children to eat, it is probably not something you would want to hand out.

Costumes: Keep it simple. Stay away from the long flowing costumes. Keep it simple for the little ones to go up & down steps, and run from house to house. Masks, if you have to peek in to see eyes, then the eyes cannot easily see out. Allow your child to see. Take the cute costume photos at home then use scissors and enlarge the eyes. Your child will thank you by the end of the evening. Make-up is even a better option. Stay away from something the child has to carry such as a sword or wand. We all know who will be carrying it by the end of the night anyway. If your child wants to carry something let it be a flashlight or lightstick. Make it white and let it be bright! The dark dressed ghoul may be scary, but we want to be able to watch our children in and out of the shadows. We want everyone else to see them also. Bright is Best

Decorate the house and yard: Remember the little beggars will be cutting through yards hurrying from house to house. Use caution in your yard decorations. Be sure they can be seen. Do not create hazards in your yard where someone may be injured.

Halloween in Monroe is Tuesday October 30, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The police will be out in force making the night safe for everyone to enjoy. The officers will be handing out candy from the police cars. Be sure and give them a loud "trick-or-treat"!

Please! If you drive during the trick-or-treat hours, drive overly cautious. Excited children do crazy things. Let us all have a safe and fun night!

Itís finally over! Check the treats your children have received. Throw away anything that is open or appears suspicious. "No Dad, all the candy bars are not yours to eat". If you find something that may appear suspicious or tampered with, call Monroe police at 539-9234.

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