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Hinkle December Hornet Fan Enews
Friday, December 18, 2009 10:58:28 AM - Monroe Ohio
by Ann Hinkle

  Hornet Fans,  
•    Highlights from the Monroe Athletic Booster Club's Wednesday meeting:
            -    The Hall of Fame event is next Tuesday, December 22.  The ceremony will take place during halftime of the
                  Boys Basketball game vs.  Carlisle.  Please consider taking time to watch this well-deserved recognition!
            -    The district Athletic Department and Booster Club are researching improvement options to the high jump area.  
                   At present, the area is not rubberized, nor is there a pit.
            -    The club will be purchasing a digital picture frame to display past championship teams and individuals.  
                  If you have a picture of a championship team or individual that the club could use to scan into the database,
                  please contact one of the officers.  The frame will be in the trophy case for all to enjoy.
            -    The Touchdown Club will provide a video and live feed of the varsity football games on the club's website.  
                  And, two commentators will be sharing their thoughts as the game progresses.
            -    Members agreed to purchase weightlifting equipment valued at $800.
            -    Monroe's collegiate athletes will be recognized by having their pictures displayed in the trophy case by the basketball gym.  
                 Those who participate in collegiate sports for four years will continue to have their pictures displayed at the school.
•        Upcoming Home Events:

    Friday, Dec 18        Boys Basketball    Carlisle        7:00
    Saturday, Dec 19    Girls Basketball    Preble Shawnee    1:15
    Monday, Dec 21        Girls Basketball    Talawanda    7:15
    Tuesday, Dec 22        Boys Basketball    Franklin        7:00
    Monday, Dec 28        Holiday Bowling Tournament        TBD
    Tuesday, Dec 29        Holiday Bowling Tournament        TBD
                Boys Basketball    Badin            7:00

More Accolades:

All Area 1st Team:

•         K: Zac Eckert:  6-3, 160, senior — Division III All-Ohio first team; Division III Southwest District first team
•        RB: Devin King: 6-0, 185, junior — Division III Southwest District second team; Southwestern Buckeye League Buckeye
         Division co-offensive back of the year
•         OL: Logan Pence:  6-2, 250, senior — Division III All-Ohio second team; Division III Southwest District first team;
          Southwestern Buckeye League Buckeye Division co-offensive lineman of the year
•        P: Ramone Boyce:  5-9, 170, sophomore — Southwestern Buckeye League Buckeye Division honorable mention

All Area 2nd Team

OL: Joe Farrish: 6-4, 245, senior
DL: Mark Miller: 6-0, 185, senior
DB: Ryan Leahy: 6-0, 180, senior

All Area Honorable Mention:  Seth Beatty, Ben Leahy, Nate Morgan, Joe Rainey
Boys Basketball (0-1):
•        Lost to Talawanda 62-47.  Zach Fugate - 17 points

Girls Basketball (1-2):

•        Lost to Badin 15-58.  Noel Thompson and Krystal Gaston both had four points.

Pulse Journal ‘Athlete of the Week’:  Krystal Gaston
Claim to fame: “I was named honorable mention all-Southwestern Buckeye League in cross country this fall.”
Bet you didn’t know: “I like to paint.”
Toughest opponent: “Badin. I’ve been playing against them all my life, so I know all the girls.”
Talent you’d most like to have: “I wish I was taller.”
Person who would play you in a movie: “Katherine Hiegl. A friend told me I look like her.”
Person whose brain you’re dying to pick: “Pat Summit, to learn what she knows about basketball.”
Worst habit: “Not keeping my room clean.”
The words you live by: “Live.”
Person you’d trade places with for a day: “Taylor Swift.”
Favorite movie: “The Notebook.”
I can’t live without ... “My phone.”
Favorite book: “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” by Ann Brashares.
Favorite TV show: “C.S.I.: Miami.”
Game-day ritual: “I’m always the last one to come out of the locker room.”
Favorite school subject: Math.
Favorite pro athlete: “Candice Parker, because she’s a really good basketball player and I met her at the Tennessee basketball camp.”
Biggest influence: “My coaches and my parents, Sherry and Jeff, because they teach me the things that I should do.”
Best thing about basketball: “The benefits after all the hard work.”
Worst thing about ?basketball: “Making the same mistakes over and over.”
In 10 years I’ll be... “Hopefully, by then I’ll have my career path set.”

Pulse Journal ‘Athlete of the Week’:  Ben Leahy
Claim to fame: “I played on the football team that went to the state semifinals in 2007.”
Bet you didn’t know: “I’m a big video gamer when I’m away from sports.”
Toughest opponent: “Waynesville, because they’ve got a tough team and they find a way to beat us.”
Talent you’d most like to have: “Be able to surf.”
Person who would play you in a movie: “Owen Wilson. He seems kind of sarcastic and funny like I am.”
Person whose brain you’re dying to pick: “Bill Belichick, coach of the New England Patriots. I want to know what goes through his mind during a
game because he typically finds a way to win.”

Favorite movie: “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”
I can’t live without ... “Football.”
Favorite book: “Bleachers” by John Grisham.
Favorite TV show: “South Park.”
Favorite home-cooked meal: Fettucini Alfredo.
Favorite smell: “Home baked cookies.”
Game-day ritual: “I cook myself a meal, take a nap and then listen to my iPod.”
Favorite school subject: A.P. Government.
Favorite pro athlete: “Brady Quinn.”
Biggest influence: “My brothers, Danny and Ryan, because I know I can turn to those two for anything.”
On your bedroom walls: “Notre Dame and Monroe posters.”
Best thing about football: “It’s a family.”
Worst thing about ?football: “Injuries.”
In 10 years I’ll be... “In the first few years of my career, hopefully teaching and coaching.”

Pulse-Journal Quotes:

•        Coach Ferguson:  “We’ve got nobody back from last year; and when the game got close, we didn’t have the experience in there to do
what we needed to do.”  “We need to find somebody to take control of the offense and say, ‘Hey, I’m getting the ball to the hole’ and just being a
 leader out on the floor.  We’ve got some seniors. We just need them to step up and take charge.”

Thanks to Harvey & Gwen Weinstein for their continued support of the student-athletes and Athletic Booster Club!!
Remax- Mark Perdue supports the student-athletes by purchasing an ad in the Booster Club’s athletic program.  We thank Remax- Mark Perdue
or helping the student-athletes, teams and Booster Club reach their goals.  Remax- Mark Perdue supports our student-athletes, so let’s support him


Boosters Mission Statement: The mission of the Monroe Athletic Booster Club (MABC) is to facilitate and promote the activities of the Monroe High School's
 sports programs. MABC will work with the coaches and administration to support the athletic program by providing funds, boosting attendance, building
morale and providing an enjoyable healthy environment for the student-athletes.  MABC will be responsible for raising funds required to meet the club's objectives.

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