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Hinkle Hornet News December 14, 2005
Friday, December 23, 2005 1:29:57 PM - Monroe Ohio

Hornet Fans:

¨       Congratulations to the Girls Varsity basketball team for its win against Fairborn this past week:  41 - 39.

¨       The Record Boards are now on display in the main hallway by the entrance to the gym.  The football records will be updated soon with additional stats and a few new records that were broken this season.  Resources used to gather the data include athletic department files / folders, sports banquet programs, Fall & Winter sports programs, yearbooks, newspaper articles, public library archives, coaches' files and alumni hardware.  A few pictures of the boards are on the Booster website: <>  The following Booster members and Hornet friends delivered a great gift to the school from the Booster Club that hopefully will inspire the student athletes and share Monroe's impressive sports history with both the community and visitors alike:

1.      Subteam members:  Dave Hughes, Jeff Brookshire, Lindy Darrell, Chad Murphy, John Singleton and Ann Hinkle
2.      Volunteers:  Mike Long, Jennifer Burnside, Rick Duff, Tom Gannon, Brad Bullis, Steve Hess, John Caudy, Jason Krause, Rocky Day, Terry & Teresa McGuire and Walt Simpkins

¨       Highlights from tonight’s Booster meeting:

·        Winter program will be ready for the first Boys basketball home game – December 23.

·        Matt Long has begun populating the club’s website.  November minutes were posted along with pics.

·        The Record Boards are displayed, and the database w/guidelines will be sent to the athletic department by the end of this week.  Future records will be documented by the varsity coaches and John Singleton.  New records will be posted on the boards at the end of each season. 

·        Two Hall of Fame programs were shared with the members:  Middletown and Fenwick.  Do we want to create a program?  Is there enough interest in the community?  There was a Monroe Hall of Fame program in the late 1970’s.  Members will decide next month whether we should move forward with this idea.  If you have an opinion or interest in this recognition program, please talk to one of the officers.

·        Plaques have been purchased to recognize Bethany Davidson (soccer) and David Miller (cross country) for their state honors.  They will be honored at the first boys home basketball game.  Plaques were also given to all varsity Football players at the banquet for their state achievement.  Thanks to Tim Kellis for managing this effort.

·        The Booster Club purchases statuettes for all senior athletes, and they receive them at the award banquets.  This is a tradition at Monroe, and the club has continued throughout the years to sponsor this recognition.  The 18 inch wooden statue displays the athlete’s full-length picture.  Thanks to Mr. Chuck Soule for making them.

·        WPFB will broadcast games on December 23, January 6 and one TBD.  The club will purchase advertisements for these games.  The coach will be interviewed for all games.

·        DVDs can be purchased for the following football games:  Madiera, Valleyview & Coldwater.  Contact Rob Kilburn @ 539-8975.

¨       Competitions this weekend:

                                            1.  Girls BB                  Thursday          Home               Fenwick                       4:30    

                                    2.  Boys BB                 Saturday           Away               Waynesville                  6:00

                                    3.  Girls BB                  Saturday           Away               Waynesville                  12:00

                                    4.  Swimming                Saturday           Away               Kettering                      5:30

Note:  ALWAYS check the following website for any changes in the schedule: <>

    ¨       Below are the minutes from the November meeting.  They’re posted on our website as well.



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