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Home Depot's Wall Up Before Monroe School Board Approval
Wednesday, May 7, 2008 10:24:30 AM - Monroe Ohio

by John Beagle

(Monroe, Ohio) The first wall for Home Depot's new distribution center was raised yesterday, prior to final approval from the Monroe School Board. Apparently the school board's delay to sign the deal, hasn't delayed the construction schedule.

Monroe City Manager, Bill Brock has "no comment', regarding this issue.

Councilman Bob Kelley commented, " Their own attorney dotted the I's and crossed the T' there is a problem."

School Board Member Tom Birdwell posted on The Voice his reason for the delay.
"A year ago, the school board understood from its attorney that the Vandercar project would be covered with a single resolution, passed last July. ...the school board will be forced to consider new individual abatement resolutions for each and every business and building in the project, over the next four year period....If the district could find a way to get this over and done with, in a single resolution action, it would most certainly be openly supported and approved by the city as well."

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The First Wall of Home Depot Distribution Center 

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